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The Data-Driven Marketer Formula

Previously, I shared my 7-Step Advertiser Formula to help those of you who want to become great digital advertisers. Today,…

The 7-Step Advertising Formula

One of our DDU Experts, Ryan Thwaites, helped me put together a Masterclass on Google Ads Editor… (And by…

Google Analytics 4 Measurement ID

Setting up your new Google Analytics 4 property requires quite a few steps. From creating your property to enabling…

How to Use Google Ads Editor

This is an excerpt of a masterclass presented by Ryan Thwaites, Professional Freelancer at Lantern Room. Connect with Ryan…

Where Is My Behavior Flow Report in Google Analytics 4?

Leverage Google Analytics 4 to get More Leads and

Close More Sales

Discover how to Spot Hidden Revenue Opportunities within your Google Analytics 4 Data with this 11-lesson Tracking Leads and Sales in GA4 Masterclass

Where is the behavior flow report in Google Analytics 4? GA4 doesn’t have…
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