Take control of your website tracking and add immediate value to your marketing results

Get started with Tag Manager Mastery today, and:

  • Understand how to unlock a whole new world of marketing insights
  • Get on the fast-track to learning GTM, so you can immediately get more value out of your online marketing efforts
  • Master the complete fundamentals of google tag manager and collect better data for your website

  Discover how to use Google Tag Manager To...

  • Save time and money tagging your website, while reducing tracking errors
  • Upgrade your analytics using three GTM power tools - tags, triggers and variables 
  • Add 70+ advertising and analytics tools to your website using code-free tag templates
  • Enhance your website user experience by adding automatic event tracking to discover better ways to optimize your content marketing efforts
  • Measure the real value of your advertising campaigns using conversion pixel templates
  • Prevent your tracking code from going obsolete every time Google makes a change, by putting your Google tracking code updates on tag-template autopilot
  • Test and debug your tracking in minutes, so you can confidently and quickly install your own tracking without having to wait on web development
  • Simplify your analytics, while getting direct access to better data to make better marketing decisions
  • Implement techniques that will add immediate value to your business, increase the ROI of your marketing efforts, and maximize the earning potential of your organization

Join 906 Members Who Mastered Collecting More Valuable Data Using GTM Inside Tag Manager Mastery 

I never figured out GTM until Jeff’s training. Thanks! 


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all the GTM calls that Jeff hosts and I'm very grateful that you these calls are included as part of the program. It’s great to be part of the community.

I personally value the fact that you were as open and transparent with your students and that you willingly tackle pretty much any question that comes at you from the community. I look forward to remaining part of the community long-term and have you answer my questions as they come up!


These bundles are a really great value - I purchased Google Data Studio, GTM, and Analytics courses :)


What You Can Expect From Tag Manager Mastery

A time saving system for connecting your marketing platforms

Learn how to save time by connecting your website to over 90 marketing systems within GTM.

A guide to improving your measurement

Get on-demand resources that shows you how to put tracking in place that will improve your measurement, adding more value to your marketing insights.

An insider view of GTM
Learn how to approach building a GTM account, and implementing tracking solutions from a professional analyst's perspective.

A guide to improving your measurement Get on-demand resources that shows you how to put tracking in place that will improve your measurement, adding more value to your marketing insights.

Let's Take A Look Inside The Course

Section 1

Google Tag Manager Decoded: Learn how to dive into GTM with confidence and purpose

  • GTM Terminology - Gain a straightforward understanding of GTM most critical components
  • Getting started in Tag Manager - Creating your brand new account
  • How and why Tag Manager simplifies digital marketing

Section 2

Working in tag manager: Time saving solutions that will make tagging and tracking easier

  • Build your account the right way from day 1 - Workspace and workflow
  • Digital marketing power tools - Tags and triggers
  • Put your Google code updates on autopilot with the GA tag template
  • Publishing your first container - The safe way to tag and track
  • A codeless installation of GTM
  • How to know that your GTM installation was a success

Section 3

Event tracking in google tag manager: Using GTM to add more value to your measurement and marketing skills

  • Gaining buy-in from your company and clients to leverage your new GTM skills
  • The gateway to on-page data - Event Tracking
  • Variables and triggers - The keys to automating your tracking
  • How to install new tracking with confidence - Creating and testing triggers

Section 4

tagging your website: The secret to upgrading your analytics effectively and quickly

  • Using video tracking to find out what your customers really think of your video content
  • The secret to automating your event tracking - Dynamic variables
  • Troubleshooting made easy - Using GTM version control
  • Discover how much of your content your visitors really read - Scroll tracking
  • Reduce your bounce rate with user interaction events
  • Using Real-Time reports to see your immediate results

Section 5

the data layer and beyond: Enter the analytics Matrix and remove the limitations from your measurement capabilities

  • Tracking the data that will help you get more leads - Lead form tracking
  • Using outbound link tracking to learn where your customers go when they leave your site
  • Using PPC tag templates to get better conversion data, without coding
  • Using download tracking to learn which content your website visitors really want
  • Removing the barriers to your data tracking skills by accessing the data layer
  • How to keep advanced tracking simple
  • Seeing the results of your hard work in Google Analytics

About your instructor

Hi, I’m Jeff Sauer. I have been working in web analytics since 2005, when I became one of the first people to beta test Google Analytics. I was also privileged to be one of the first 50 people to beta test Google Tag Manager.

As a marketer and web analyst, I've helped businesses of all sizes upgrade their tracking and analytics using GTM.

Ever since Google Tag Manager launched, I've been fascinated by how much easier this platform makes tagging and tracking.

I love helping students learn how to simplify their tracking and gain access to better marketing insights using GTM. The #1 question I receive from my Google Analytics Mastery and Google Ads Mastery Course students is "Jeff, can you PLEASE teach me GTM?"

Now I am proud to bring you my Tag Manager Mastery Course.

This unique course takes you on a journey to learning Google Tag Manager from the ground up. Our hands-on demonstration of GTM allows students to go from beginner to intermediate level GTM users by the end of our coaching program. 

Jeff has been featured on:

Upgrade your order to a DDU Skills+ Membership AND you’ll get on-demand support from vetted marketing and analytics experts

In addition to ordering the Tag Manager Mastery, you also have the opportunity to join the Data Driven U community at an exclusive monthly price for 6 months.

By joining the DDU+ Club community, you will become a data-driven expert marketer armed with time-saving processes, repeatable profit-generating systems, and continued expert guidance. Get immediate access to these marketing analytics resources:

  • GA4 DIY Process Toolbox with 80+ process checklists and reporting dashboards
  • 5 Data Driven Skill Accelerator courses including the new on-demand GA4 Mastery course
  • 50% Discounts for GA4 “Cover-Your-Assets” certification and GA4 Agency Services Blueprint cohorts
  • Weekly training and support opportunities with experts in GA4, Ads, Tagging, and Digital Marketing


Choose the option that’s right for you:

Tag Manager Mastery



One-Time Payment

  • ON-DEMAND Tag Manager Mastery training course ($499 Value)
  • Lifetime updates to all process documents ($500 Value)
  • Bonus #1: GTM Process SOPs ($300 Value)
  • BONUS #2: Data Tools Discounts ($1,809 Value)
  • BONUS #3: Done-for-you GTM containers that you can download and import ($1,000 Value)

Total Value: $4,108

Best Value




For 6 Months

  • Everything in Tag Manager Mastery, PLUS
  • 50% Off GA4 Certification and Agency Blueprint Cohorts ($4,500 Value)
  • Access to GA4 Toolbox Pro Edition ($10,250 Value)
  • Weekly Brain Gainz trainings and recordings ($2,000 Value)
  • DDU Skill Mastery Courses, Masterclasses, and Resources ($9,500 Value)
  • Access to DDU Slack Community ($1,000 Value)

Total Value: $27,250


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