For digital marketers who need a crash course on implementing privacy-led marketing techniques today.

Implement a Privacy-Led Marketing Strategy That Builds Trust By Respecting User Preferences

Start mastering Privacy-led Tracking with Google Tag Manager, while upgrading your tracking to rely less on third-party cookies and comply with platform and government regulations.

Look over the shoulder of expert data-driven marketers as they implement the latest privacy-led tracking techniques (so you know you are up to date).
Fast track your learning of Google Tag Manager, so you can spend more time delivering successful campaigns.
Get a full picture of how to leverage privacy-led tracking, from strategy to execution mastery to expert, so you can be confident in every decision you make.
Earn a tax-deductible professional certificate to get employer reimbursement and boost your LinkedIn credibility as a privacy-led marketer!

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Arm yourself with up-to-date knowledge of how to protect user privacy while still benefiting from being data-driven using Google Tag Manager, and embracing the privacy-led marketing movement.

Reduce risk while tracking so your business stays in tune with privacy regulations, builds trust with your audience, and protects your company’s reputation
Increase transparency with your visitors about your data collection and usage, and give them ways to opt out of tracking
Get clear and explicit consent from your users as they engage with your website, app, or email
Future-orient your skills and business while privacy concerns grow among your audience
Save time and money tagging your website, while reducing tracking errors
Upgrade your tracking using three GTM power tools – tags, triggers, and variables
Discover how to add 70+ advertising and analytics tools to your website using code-free tag templates
Measure the real value of your advertising campaigns using conversion pixel templates
Prevent your tracking code from going obsolete every time Google makes a change, by leveraging tag-templates
Test and debug your tracking in minutes, so you can confidently and quickly install your own tracking without having to wait on web development
Simplify your analytics, while getting direct access to better data to make better marketing decisions
Implement techniques that will add immediate value to your business, increase the ROI of your marketing efforts, and maximize the earning potential of your organization

Join 906 Members Who Mastered Collecting Valuable Data Using GTM Inside This Privacy-Led Tracking With GTM Program


I never figured out GTM until Jeff’s training. Thanks!


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all the GTM calls that Jeff hosts and I'm very grateful that you these calls are included as part of the program. It’s great to be part of the community.

I personally value the fact that you were as open and transparent with your students and that you willingly tackle pretty much any question that comes at you from the community. I look forward to remaining part of the community long-term and have you answer my questions as they come up!


These bundles are a really great value – I purchased Google Data Studio, GTM, and Analytics courses 🙂

What You Can Expect From Our Privacy-Led Tracking With Google Tag Manager Certificate Program

You will learn how to implement privacy-led tracking and effectively leverage the data you collect to improve your marketing, no matter how big or small your business is

Create a privacy-led tracking strategy that helps you leverage anonymized data to increase the return on your marketing efforts while respecting user preferences.

Improve your measurement with on-demand resources that show you how to implement advanced tracking and add more value to your marketing insights.

Learn the best approach for how to build a GTM account, and implement tracking solutions from a professional analyst's perspective with modern privacy needs in mind.

Follow best practices in tag management, dataLayer setup, conversion tracking, troubleshooting, user consent, and privacy compliance


Privacy-Led Tracking Strategy with Google Tag Manager

Unlock the emerging movement of privacy-led marketing Google Tag Manager without using any code, and earn a Strategist badge when you complete this course!

Taught by Jeff Sauer

Strategic Overview

What Tracking Means: Learn why tracking is a multi-billion dollar issue today, and why privacy-led tracking is a trillion-dollar question of tomorrow
How Tracking Changed the Marketing Landscape: Get clarity for your privacy-led marketing strategy, while avoiding costly mistakes other marketers have made
What Is Tag Management and Why Is It Important? Using tag management systems instead of hard-coded tags, and how GTM simplifies digital marketing
Google Tag Manager Tutorial: Follow our walkthrough of your GTM account and learn how to set it up the right way without any coding
Your One-Page Tag Management Strategy: Lay out a clear plan forward with a 1-page privacy-led tracking strategy sheet
Your Business Case for Tag Management: Get buy-in from your stakeholders using our Tag Management Business Case slide deck
Earn Your Privacy-Led Tracking with GTM Badge and get recognition of your efforts to learn this emerging technology


Privacy-led Tracking Checklist: Stay compliant with the latest privacy regulations and increase trust with your audience
Tag Management Busines Case Slide Deck: Build a persuasive case for tag management without starting from scratch
One-Page Tracking Strategy Sheet: Set a clear path forward with tracking so you don’t have to redo everything later down the road
Privacy-Led Tag Management Glossary: Never wonder what the terminology around privacy and tagging means again with this handy resource
Course Workbook: Take notes of key concepts and decisions to make when implementing your privacy-led strategy

Privacy-Led Tracking Mastery with Google Tag Manager

Take control of your tracking and add immediate value to your marketing results, and earn a Master badge when you complete this part!

Taught by Fred Pike

Module 1

Google Tag Manager Decoded: Learn How To Dive Into GTM With Confidence And Purpose

Create a Google Tag Manager account in just 5 minutes
Learn the terminology and the most critical components of GTM
How to navigate the GTM interface with ease
Publish your GTM container and start tracking the right and safe way

Module 2

Implementing Basic Tags: Time Saving Solutions That Will Make Tagging And Tracking Easier

Set up basic page views and use preview mode to make sure your tags are working before you publish
Learn the new Gtag and how to set up custom variables like a pro
Configure Facebook pixel tracking so you can find the right audiences
Publish your GTM container and start tracking the right and safe way

Module 3

Intermediate Tagging Techniques: Using GTM To Add More Value To Your Measurement And Marketing Skills

Discover how to set up triggers based on time delays, so you can automate your tracking
Use data attributes to paint a more complete picture of your website events
Remove barriers to your tracking skills by accessing the data layer
Using download tracking to learn which content your website visitors really want

Module 4

Intermediate Conversion Tracking:
The Secret To Upgrading Your Analytics Effectively And Quickly

Follow best tagging practices for enhanced eCommerce tracking
Track form submissions via thank you pages and dataLayer pushes
Track conversions on Google Ads, Meta Ads, and any funnel event
Use scroll tracking to discover how much content your visitors really read

Module 5

Tag Management Best Practices: Secrets to Upgrading Your Analytics Quickly and Effectively

Troubleshooting made easy – resolve common tag errors and click triggers using GTM version control
Get “insider” tag management tips that experts don’t reveal online
How to add your GTM container to a different website or subdomain
Using Real-Time reports to see your immediate results

Module 6

Cookies, Pixels, and Privacy Compliance: Turn Privacy-led Tracking Into a Competitive Advantage

How to enable users to ignore, opt in, or opt out of your tracking
Learn how to get cookie consent using Google Consent Mode and trigger blocking
Know the pros and cons of each consent approach, so you can choose the right one for your strategy
See increases in engagement and conversions because your visitors trust you more



Hi, I’m Jeff Sauer, but you might know me as Jeffalytics. I was one of the first people to beta test Google Analytics in 2005, and have maintained a love for the product ever since.

As a Google Analytics Certified Partner, I helped manage thousands of Google Analytics accounts and provide insights to organizations of all sizes. I am also a partner in a 5x Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Business award-winning Marketing Agency in St. Paul, MN.

But more importantly… these days, I am a full-time educator. Since 2015, I’ve launched several successful online training programs while helping over 50,000 students master PPC Marketing, Data Analytics, and Agency Business Development.

“My mission is to make learning digital marketing easy and fun for you!”


Hi, I’m Fred Pike. I’m a Managing Director at Northwoods, a software development agency in Milwaukee, WI, and am also the GA/GTM Practice Lead there. I’m a self-proclaimed GA and GTM freak and an active practitioner in both, working every day with client implementations, debugging, and everything in between.

I’m involved in the GA community as a 1) DataDrivenU Community Expert, 2) MeasureSchool Community Expert, and 3) Moderator of the GA4 Facebook Group.

I like to teach and have taught courses at the CXL Institute, and often give presentations at SuperWeek, MeasureSummit, MeasureCamp, SEDC, Marketing Profs, and others.

When I’m not walking my dog Xuxa or working on GA/GTM stuff, I like to play guitar or bass in the pit for a musical, or mandolin in the Milwaukee Mandolin Orchestra, of which I’m president.

Jeff has been featured on:

To help your implementation journey, we are excited to share several BONUS trainings and resources that will help you get your tracking in place even more quickly…


Privacy-Led Tracking Expert with Google Tag Manager Course

Get hands-on and take a deep dive into privacy-led tracking with Google Tag Manager experts, and earn an Expert badge when you complete this part!

Years of Experience From 5+ Experts Condensed Into Efficient Expert Training

Server-Side Tagging Workshop for Marketers: Parts 1 & 2

Simo Ahava

Boost site speed and increase compliance by taking full control over your data collection.

Ecommerce Data Layer for Gtag

Fred Pike

Track Ecommerce events with ease after Fred demystifies clean Gtag implementation.

Cookies and Compliance in Digital Marketing

Jodi Daniels

Adopt transparent privacy-led practices. Avoid fines, build trust, gain customers.

The Best Tag Manager Debugging Tools

Fred Pike

Use these top debugging tools to troubleshoot analytics implementation issues in minutes.

Customizing Data Layer Specs For Ecommerce

Anna Lewis

Simplify building custom data layers to track complex ecommerce events.

Value $2,499


Earn a Privacy-Led Tracking Certificate by Completing the Strategy, Mastery, and Expert Parts of This Course

Once you get all badges in the Tracking dimension – the Strategist, Master, and Expert – you’ll get awarded a Tracking with GTM Certificate that you can showcase on your profile and to your colleagues.

Value $499

Our 60-Day Limited Guarantee

Join today, we are here to support your continued learning. If within 60 days of purchase, you've completed all the course videos and can document your progress, we'll happily work with you to get you the training you need or refund your purchase. See our complete refund policy.

Upgrade your order to a Data Driven Insiders membership AND you’ll get on-demand support from vetted marketing and analytics experts

In addition to ordering the Tracking with GTM Certificate program, you also have the opportunity to join the Data Driven community where you can ask questions, get implementation support, and network with marketing peers.

By joining the Data Driven community, you will become a data-driven expert marketer armed with time-saving processes, repeatable profit-generating systems, and continued expert guidance.

Get immediate access to these resources through your Data Driven Insiders membership:

Five world-class data-driven marketing certificate programs delivered by expert instructors actively working in their fields. Take these programs, earn badges along the way, and cement your status as a top 5% digital marketer!
Live “Brain Gainz” workshops and Office Hours sessions with experts actively solving the same problems that you face. Ask questions and get immediate answers on any implementation that you happen to be working on at the moment.
Unlimited support through the Data Driven Insiders private community, where you can participate in lively discussions with peers from over 40 countries around the world. This is a safe place to ask all your questions!
Time-saving cheat codes that indispensable data-driven marketers cannot live without. This includes workbooks, templates, cheat sheets, calculators, briefs, planners, and playbooks. Never spend another minute reinventing the wheel again!

Privacy-Led Tracking with Google Tag Manager Program

Choose the option that’s right for you:

Tracking with gtm Certificate Program


One-Time Payment

Tracking with Google Tag Manager STRATEGY on-demand course taught by Jeff Sauer ($499 Value)
Tracking with Google Tag Manager MASTERY on-demand course taught by Fred Pike ($999 Value)
BONUS #1: Tracking with Google Tag Manager EXPERT course taught by 5 tracking experts ($2,499 Value)
BONUS #2: Privacy-Led Tracking Certificate after completing the Strategy, Mastery, and Expert courses ($499 Value)

Total Value: $6,495


tracking with gtm Program + data driven insiders


Monthly Payment

Everything in the Tracking Certificate Course, PLUS:
🎓Four additional Certificate Programs that cement your status as a top 5% digital marketer ($4,995 Value)
🧠Live “Brain Gainz” sessions + Office Hours with experts for continued learning of cutting-edge topics and where answers are always within reach ($4,995 Value)
👨‍💻Unlimited support from our Slack community experts channel ($2,997 Value)
‍💼Resource Library full of cheat codes, dashboards, and calculators saving you countless of hours of pain and frustration ($4,997 Value)
BONUS #1: GA4 Toolbox SOPs Pro Edition ($999 Value)
BONUS #2: Special discounts on marketing software ($2,999 Value)

Total Value: $21,981

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