About Data Driven

Hi, I'm Jeff Sauer and I created Data Driven U (or DDU, originally called Jeffalytics) to fill several personal, professional, and industry needs.

How DDU Hopes to Impact the Industry

While there are many websites dedicated to aspects of online marketing, there is a niche that presently seems to be under-served. There are many great sites that report on news in the industry, offer fantastic “hands-on” tutorials, and represent some of the top practitioners in digital marketing. At the same time, there doesn't seem to be a place dedicated to both creating and curating the best of what we have available as marketers. Jeffalytics aims to aggregate some of the best information and resources available to online marketers, offer thought leadership pieces, and provide a valuable resource to online marketers of all skill levels.

How DDU Hopes to Impact me Professionally

If a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound? Over the years we have developed a top-notch online marketing organization at Three Deep, yet outside of our circles, we are relatively unknown. It's sad, really, because we are at the cutting edge and more people deserve the right to work with our team. As Jeffalytics gains notoriety, my hope is that Three Deep becomes known as well.

How DDU Hopes to Impact me Personally

One of my personal ambitions has always been to share my knowledge and passion for online marketing with anyone who will listen. Traditionally, this has been with coworkers and clients and a small circle of peers. Recently, I have brought my passion and knowledge as a non-profit board member to the Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association and the Minnesota Search Engine Marketing Associations, and have found this experience to be quite fulfilling.

Now I would like to bring my passion and knowledge to the national and international level. Jeffalytics is the persona that I have adopted to develop an audience that is interested in sharing the same level of excitement and passion that I do for online marketing. By reaching a larger audience, I will have the opportunity to spread happiness to marketers, travel the world, and fulfill my dreams.

About Jeff Sauer

Jeff Sauer is the Founder of DDU, agency owner, business coach, blogger at Jeffalytics, lecturer, and a proud Minnesotan. A firm believer in data-driven marketing, Jeff’s work has been featured in many industry publications and “best of” lists. Jeff has had 17,000+ digital marketers enroll in his Digital Marketing certification programs. He has delivered over 100 keynote presentations and workshops in 20 countries.

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