As you get more advanced with Google Analytics, you realize that it's not always about the data that you can capture for your analysis, but it's often necessary to limit the data that you utilize in order to piece together the story of what happened with visitors to your site. We often achieve this through segmentation, secondary dimensions, filters, drilling down, etc. until we can find the information we need to tell our story.

Even with all of the advanced capabilities built into Google Analytics, I have found that there is still one area that is often overlooked when it comes to ensuring data quality in reports, and that is reviewing the Service Providers report in Google Analytics to make sure that the traffic coming to your site is 1) Human based traffic in your target market (that means eliminating “bot” traffic or filtering internal traffic from inside of your company) and 2) Reviewing who visited your site to see if there are any obscure sources that do not fit a standard profile.

Google Analytics Advanced Segment to Filter Common Internet Service Providers

Since the need to filter out service providers is common, I end up using this technique on about 25% of the Google Analytics accounts that I manage. Rather than rebuilding this analysis on each account, I have created an advanced segment in GA that allows you to filter out common Internet Service Providers.

Josh Braaten Advanced Segments
Josh Braaten Advanced Segments on Search Engine Watch

I shared this segment with my good friend Josh Braaten, who included it in his comprehensive article on Search Engine Watch: 16 Secret Google Analytics Advanced Segments Worth Their Weight in Gold. For the rest of this post, I will detail the Common Service Providers listed in Google Analytics, since many of them are often a mystery to us as we view reports in Google Analytics.

This advanced segment is built around International service providers and is based on the traffic that I have received to Jeffalytics.

Common Service Providers in Google Analytics

Service Provider Report
Service Provider Report in Google Analytics

Here is a list of the 100 most common Internet Service Providers that I have filtered out while using this advanced segment.

road runner holdco llc

United States based Broadband ISP (Cable)

comcast cable communications inc.

United States based Broadband ISP (Cable)

verizon online llc

United States based ISP

at&t internet services

United States based ISP

comcast cable communications holdings inc

United States based Broadband ISP

(not set)

The service provider is not set/not reported to Google for the visitor

ip pools

A collection of ISP's in the United Kingdom who resell DSL Broadband

cox communications

United States based Broadband ISP

deutsche telekom ag

German based phone provider

service provider corporation

United States based provider of IP Addresses to various phone providers

charter communications

United States based Broadband ISP

telefonica de espana sau

Spanish Telecommunications provider

shaw communications inc.

Canada based Broadband ISP

cox communications inc.

United States based Broadband ISP (Cable)

qwest communications company llc

United States based Broadband ISP (DSL)

comcast business communications llc

United States based Broadband ISP

internet service provider

Generic Internet service provider

sky broadband

United Kingdom based Broadband ISP

cellco partnership dba verizon wireless

United States based Mobile Phone Provider

telstra internet

Australia based Broadband ISP

tw telecom holdings inc.

United States based Business Ethernet provider

psinet inc.

United States based ISP

jazztel triple play services

Spain based Broadband ISP/Cable Provider

optimum online (cablevision systems)

United States based ISP

comcast cable communications

United States based Broadband ISP

virgin media limited

United Kingdom based Broadband ISP

single static ip addresses

Appears to belong to BT Public Internet Service in the United Kingdom

chtd chunghwa telecom co. ltd.

Taiwan based ISP – largest in Taiwain

sympatico hse

Canada based high speed Internet

telus communications inc.

Canada based high speed Internet

proxad / free sas

Apparently a French ISP well known for spamming (please let me know if this is incorrect)

uninet s.a. de c.v.

Mexico based ISP

comcast cable communications ip services

United States based Broadband ISP

clearwire us llc

United States based Broadband ISP

iinet limited

Australia based ISP – second largest in Australia

tpg internet pty ltd.

Australia based ADSL Broadband ISP

ziggo consumers

Netherlands based Broadband ISP

rcs & rds residential

Southern Europe ISP providing service to Romania, Serbia, Spain, Hungary, Slovakia, Italy, Czech Republic and Croatia

xo communications

United States based Business ISP

broadband multiplay project o/o dgm bb noc bsnl bangalore

Appears to be an India based ISP

opal telecom dsl

United Kingdom based Broadband ISP that recently changed their name to TalkTalk Business

rogers cable communications inc.

Canada based ISP

sprint nextel corporation

United States based Wireless/Mobile ISP


Leading Australian mobile/wireless provider

cpe customers nl

Appears to be a Dutch/Netherlands based ISP

global village telecom

Brazil based Telecommunications ISP

optus internet – retail

United States based ISP

videotron ltee

Canada based ISP located in Quebec

mediacom communications corp

United States based Broadband ISP

insight communications company l.p.

United States based Broadband ISP. Subsidiary of Time Warner cable.

yousee a/s

Largest Cable Provider in Denmark. Subsidiary of TDC telecom

integra telecom inc.

United States based ISP

abts (karnataka)

Hard to find information, but it appears that this is an India based ISP

level 3 communications inc.

United States based ISP in my home state of Minnesota

rcn corporation

United States based Telecom ISP

central + migration to 21cn

UK Telecommunications Company

telia network services

Swedish Mobile ISP

emirates integrated telecommunications company pjsc (eitc-du)

United Arab Emirates ISP

telecom italia s.p.a. tin easy lite

Italian Telecom ISP

abts delhi

Indian ISP

easynet ltd


frontier communications of america inc.

United States based ISP

telefonica germany gmbh & co. ohg

German ISP

telmex colombia s.a.

ISP in Columbia and Ecuador

wind telecomunicazioni s.p.a

Telecom Company in Italy

arcor ag

German Telecom

upc magyarorszag kft.

Hungarian ISP

wayport inc.

US Broadband Provider

tvcabo-portugal cable modem network

Portugal Cable Network

mtnl cat b isp

Indian ISP

bend cable communications llc

Broadband Provider in Oregon, USA

comcast cable communications inc

US Based ISP

customers ie

Irish ISP

embarq corporation


tata communications internet services ltd

Indian ISP

cablevision s.a.

Argentina ISP

upc polska sp. z o.o.

Polish ISP

btc broadband service

US Based ISP

gesti n de direccionamiento uninet

Mexico ISP

pt telkom indonesia

Indonesian Telecom

teksavvy solutions inc.

Canadian ISP

vtr banda ancha s.a.

Chilean Telecommunications Company

upc telekabel

Austrian ISP

telefonica uk limited

UK Telecom

singnet pte ltd

Singapore Based ISP

telecom italia s.p.a.

Italian Telecom

02 online (uk)

UK based Telephone provider

cbeyond communications llc

United States based Broadband ISP

dial-up and adsl pool

Dynamic IP Pool

etb – colombia

Colombian Telephone Company

fpt telecom company

Telecom Company in Vietnam


Unknown Provider

telecommunication services of trinidad and tobago

ISP in Trinidad and Tobago

t-mobile usa inc.

United States based Mobile Phone Provider

telefonica de espana sau (ncc#2008052974)

Spanish Mobile provider

addresses ip for home clients

Dynamic IP Address Pool

opera software asa

Opera Web Browser

tdc bb-adsl users

Denmark Based ISP internet factory

Spanish ISP


Belgium based ISP inc.

California Based ISP

net servi os de comunica o s.a.

Brazil Based ISP

I hope you find this reference handy! I know it will save me quite a bit of time to have all of these providers listed in one place. Hopefully it helps you too!

If you have any ISP's you would like to see added. Please contact me or leave a comment below.




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