Google Analytics 101 Presentation: Getting Started with Google Analytics

Today I am giving a Google Analytics 101 presentation that is a departure from my normal speaking engagements. This audience has very little experience with the tool (and possibly none), so I am not supposed to assume any background knowledge of how Google Analytics works or previous experience with the product. It was tougher than I thought it would be!

After thinking it over, I arrived at a format that has a little something for everyone and provides deeper understanding into why we have Google Analytics and what we can do with the product.

I'm very pleased with the result: Google Analytics 101

[slideshare id=16407878&doc=googleanalytics101-slideshare-130207131248-phpapp02]

The presentation is broken down into 4 sections that takes the audience on a journey from introductory to unlocking advanced concepts in the tool:

  • What do Online Marketers often get wrong? 
    • Remembering the Scientific Method
    • Why we measure the web
    • How we used to measure the web
    • What Google Analytics provides
  • How to get Google Analytics on your site
    • Creating an Account
    • Getting the code
    • Placing the code on your site
    • Collecting Data
  • Mastering your initial setup of Google Analytics
    • Establish Macro and Micro Goals
    • Clean Your Data
    • Analyze your Traffic
    • Structure your Account
  • Advanced techniques and tactics to get the most out of Google Analytics
    • Track Mobile Website and Apps
    • Make Reports Easier to read
    • Track Offline Marketing
    • Track Events
    • Track Social Media
    • Track Video Views
    • Segment your Traffic
    • Track Phone Calls
    • Custom Reports
    • Custom Dashboards
    • Linking to Google Products
    • Multi Channel Funnels
    • Advanced Filters & Pivoting
    • CRM Integration
    • Universal Analytics

My hope is that this presentation can be used for good in the future by both me and anyone else who is looking for an easy to explain why web analytics is so important.

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