G: Goals in Google Analytics

Today, we talk about goals in Google Analytics.

goals in Google Analytics

CONVERSION: Conversion report is one of the four major reports in Google Analytics (Audience, Acquisition and Behavior being the others)

These reports help us answer the question: What is the purpose of my website?

If we can understand the answer to that question, then we can do good things with our analytics data. But it all starts with answering that question and then training Google Analytics to recognize when customers take favorable actions.

When we get this in place, we can start to understand how consumers make decisions as they traverse our website, and then use this data to do many powerful levels of analysis.

goals in Google Analytics

GOALS: Train Google to recognize your key online business objectives

This is one of the ultimate tasks Google Analytics is set out to do: to measure how well the goals of your website is doing.

The goal may be to get more leads, generate more sale, or to create brand awareness. Or some other trackable and measurable action.

Once you know that, you'll need to train Google Analytics on what your goals are. So that it can measure and report what is important to you.

goals in Google Analytics

Intermediate. You'll need to get some configuration done in order to set up your goals in Google Analytics. It doesn't come out of the box and ready to fit your needs.

goals in Google Analytics

  1. Stick to the destination URL goal as much as possible. Make event goals secondary instead.
  2. Beware of setting up too many goals, I recommend 1 to 5 goals for most people. Having too many goals will mess up your conversion rate.


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