Et: Email Traffic in Google Analytics

Today, we talk about email traffic in Google Analytics.

email traffic in Google Analytics
ACQUISITION: The acquisition reports are what drew me to Google Analytics, and as we go through these Acquisition elements, you'll see there is good reason why. These reports are insightful and empowering for any marketer who is tasked with driving traffic to your website.

The first question that the reports answer: how did our website visitors find us?

We will learn about search traffic, referrals and direct visitors. If you have ever wondered what the terms in a traffic report means, then stay tuned. We also help you understand how you can make these reports much more useful using campaign tracking.

email traffic in Google Analytics
EMAIL TRAFFIC: Traffic driven to your website through email marketing campaigns.

Google Analytics can help you generate reports on your email marketing efforts too. To send data to the function email traffic in Google Analytics, you'll need to tag each of the link placed in your email. We use campaign variables, or UTM variables, to tag these links.

This can provide extra insight, but is certainly not a replacement for the analytics built-in on your email platform or software.

email traffic in Google Analytics
Intermediate. Because Google Analytics doesn't automatically track emails, you'll need to configure it.

email traffic in Google Analytics

  1. Start doing it. Start tagging links in the email you sent out. Otherwise, it will just end up as direct traffic. And you're unable to measure how well your email marketing campaign work.
  2. Beware of the Google Analytics integration on your email platform as it can be quite unhelpful. Many a times, they don't provide the information that you need.

Want to know more about the Periodic Table of Google Analytics? Visit here for more information.

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