Cm: Calculated Metrics in Google Analytics (with Benjamin Mangold)

In this video, we talked about calculated metrics in Google Analytics. Benjamin Mangold, Co-Founder and CEO of Loves Data will be sharing his knowledge with us on this topic.

Account in Google Analytics

This category is jam-packed with settings, reports and insights within a Google Analytics account.

We talk about all things user management and other Google products related to Google Analytics.

We peek into the administrator section and learning what the settings mean.

We also check out custom dashboards that we can set up to share data with our organization. When dashboards don’t do what we need, we also have custom reports to combine many aspects of Google Analytics together.

Custom reports are a great way to get metrics and dimensions from multiple reports to show up in one place. We can export them to excel, google sheets or even as a PDF.

Account in Google Analytics

CALCULATED METRICS: Find new ways to quantify the value visitors bring to your business.

Calculated metrics in Google Analytics allows you to combine different standard metrics to create new metrics. The calculated metrics are created using formulas.

An example of using calculated metrics is to create a more user-based goal conversion  Ben suggests this approach will be more favourable than the usual session based approach. All conversion rates will be analysed at a user level.

By creating these calculated metrics, you change the way performance is calculated and understood.

Account in Google Analytics

Ben's pro tip is to use calculated metrics in Google Analytics with custom report. This allows you see the data on your campaign, content, or others which are customised to your needs.

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Want to know more about the Periodic Table of Google Analytics? Visit here for more information.

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