Periodic Table of Google Analytics 4

In 2013, I made the original Periodic Table of Google Analytics, and with the release of Google Analytics 4, it’s time to update. I developed this project because I noticed my students were simultaneously in awe of GA and overwhelmed by the information it provides. To make things simpler, I developed a visual display of all the powerful options Google Analytics offers.

This visual tool is here to help you simplify and organize the many components of Google Analytics 4 and understand how they relate to one another. 


Enjoy the new GA4 interface and browse your data in new ways. Templates help you set up analysis models with ease, and automated insights highlight trends and unexpected changes. As always, real-time reports let you see who’s on your site right now, anytime. 


Feel confident knowing you can closely monitor your audience behavior in GA4. Create custom audiences by grouping together similar visitors and delve deep into analysis. Understand key qualities of your users by tracking visitor tech and demographics, all while respecting their privacy. 


Get to the purpose of your website by monitoring your conversions. Look at monetization to see how your site is generating revenue. Learn how people are buying in your apps with in-app purchases, and create custom funnels to follow your users’ navigation paths. Monitor publisher ads to improve performance, and, with some light coding, see a summary of your ecommerce purchases. 


Choose between reporting by device or consolidating users by customizing your reporting identity. Configure your property and administrator settings to ensure your account is running smoothly and you control who has access. Configure your data retention to clear away unneeded information and hold on to important data as long as needed. 


Analyze your user behavior with just a few clicks in GA4. Look at your events reports to understand the important actions your users are taking. Easily see your pages and screen views to decide where to optimize, and monitor your user engagement to see how long people are staying on your site and each page. 


Learn about how users are coming to your site with GA4 acquisition. Are visitors arriving via organic search, paid campaigns, referrals? Find out in GA4 and build a higher ROI by retaining users through your acquisition analysis. 


Enjoy the new GA4 event-based data model and all it has to offer. Analyze data from your iOS app, Android app, and website in a single Analytics property with data streams. Capture user properties while respecting their privacy, and check your change history at any time to see who made changes and when. The setup assistant will help you get started, and the debug view is sure to be a favorite.


Relax knowing you have complete control over your data in GA4. You now have the freedom to delete data in Google Analytics, so no more unneeded information clouding your reports. Use data filters to modify and clean your data before it enters your account, and explore Bigquery Linking for instant access to your raw analytics data. Google signals allow for cross-device tracking, and you can even import your offline data to Google Analytics with data import. 

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