Looker Studio Blueprint Certificate Program

Turn data into real-time PROOF that your marketing is working, so you can allocate your resources more efficiently.

Our Looker Studio Blueprint Certificate Program can help you build eye-catching reports that give you actionable answers, and:

Use our ACES framework to simplify your data-driven marketing (while eliminating guesswork and repetitive tasks)
Develop your business intelligence strategy that helps you reach your goals in the fastest and most efficient way
Build useful reports that track the right metrics and provide reliable insights your business needs to grow

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Chelsea Lynn Cooley

After taking your course I was inspired to create my own customized templates for PPC reports, I used these at some of my previous companies and was always prepared for reporting. I'm so glad that I took your course.

Eric Bouchet

This training is well worth the price! I’ve already leveraged the program and my knowledge to automate tons of reports! This course gave me what I need to go beyond single-channel reporting and build professional reports for my organization.

If You Aren’t Using Data to Guide Your Marketing Strategy, You’re Not Giving Your Business the Nutrients It Needs to Grow

Aren’t you sick and tired of staring at a sea of data and not knowing what it all means?

Or even worse, ignoring the data and basing your marketing strategy on pure guesswork?

Even if you had good intentions and tried to make sense of your data, you're faced with overwhelming amounts of it every day. KPIs, metrics, traffic data, ad campaign data, audiences, reports… it never ends!

It’s a ton to unpack… (and it’s a total pain to do so)!

You know deep down that there are opportunities to over-deliver on marketing results, but you feel like you keep missing them… and that you’re failing to prove the value of your work.

If only you could turn data into clear, actionable insights that your team could act on quickly with agility

The problem is that the existing tools you are using right now only give you part of the big picture.

Then, to fill in the gaps, you're left cobbling pieces of data together into a patchwork of spreadsheet reports that only confuses your team even more.

There is a better way…

How Do You Know Your Marketing Is Actually Working? And Can You Prove It?

It’s not enough to just look at the revenue that came in last month or last quarter. Why? Because it only shows you what happened in the past

We don’t drive our cars by looking in the rearview mirror, do we?

Without a way to easily analyze and visualize your data, you're flying blind and possibly repeating the same profit-killing mistakes as before. You’re randomly trying this new campaign, that new tactic, but never really understanding why something worked or didn't.

It's frustrating to know you could be making data-driven decisions to improve performance… if only you had the right solution. 

But you keep falling back on guesswork or “gut feeling” because the data is scattered across different places and hard to make sense of from one single dashboard.

The thing is… there is SO much potential being left on the table. 

You know your marketing efforts could be more impactful and efficient. But you're stuck in reactive mode, unable to get the full 360-degree view you need to truly optimize your strategy.

The good news? 

There’s a way to change that… in as little as a few weeks… if you start TODAY.

What If You Could Turn Your Marketing Data Into a Business Intelligence Engine That Uncovers New Campaign Opportunities? 

Aces Marketing Model

What would it do to your career and credibility if you understood EXACTLY how your marketing strategies are performing and why?

What if you could unify scattered data sources into clear visualizations that reveal actionable insights you could use to make mid-campaign adjustments (instead of waiting for it to finish)?

With our new Looker Studio Blueprint certification program, you'll learn how to:

Connect disparate data sources for a unified view
Design custom reports that surface key insights
Visualize metrics in dashboards that make trends clear
Share dynamic narratives with stakeholders across your business

In just 3 weeks, you'll go from being bogged down in messy spreadsheets to full 360-degree clarity of your entire marketing strategy.

You will finally be able to analyze performance from a one-stop dashboard, optimize campaigns on the fly, and prove marketing value based on real intelligence (in a way that impresses your superiors and clients).

The days of flying blind are over.  

Our new Looker Studio Blueprint program empowers you to see and act on the full story behind your marketing data. 

The Intelligent Marketer’s 6-Lesson Looker Blueprint Certificate Program

We’re offering you a Looker Studio Blueprint course so you can level up your marketing intelligence. With our Looker Studio Blueprint, you get 6 lessons recorded on video.

This isn’t one of those fluffy theoretical courses, or a “click here, click there” tour. 

You will receive the equivalent of an expert sitting by your side, showing you the little-known (but highly useful) ins and outs of Business Intelligence reports using Looker Studio.

Upon completion, not only will you earn a certificate that showcases your Looker Studio, but you will also be empowered with new strategic business intelligence skills involving Looker Studio that open up many more opportunities for your company.

Here’s what you’ll get in our Looker Studio Blueprint Certificate Program

Each recorded lesson will have a 90-minute video Looker Studio tutorial plus a 30-minute Q&A.

Here’s a preview of each lesson:

Session 1

Business Intelligence Strategy Overview

You will learn:

Key elements of a business intelligence strategy
Our ACES framework for developing your BI strategy
How to calculate the payback of your marketing investments

Session 2

Why Looker Studio & Reporting Strategy

You will learn:

How Looker Studio enables unified data analysis
Best practices for strategic reporting in Looker Studio
Methods for designing insightful, effective reports

Session 3

Getting Started with Looker Studio & Data Sources

You will learn:

Overview of Looker Studio's key capabilities
Steps in setting up insightful Looker Studio reports
How to connect key data sources to feed your reports

Session 4

Third-party Data Connectors and Creating a Results Dashboard

You will learn:

How to build a strategic dashboard for your business
Options for blending data from multiple sources
Using partner connectors for additional data sources

Session 5

Report Styling and ACES Dashboard Build

You will learn:

Best practices for formatting reports for maximum clarity
How to add custom branding and interactivity
Leveraging pre-made templates to accelerate development

Session 6

Putting it All Together and Final Review

You will learn:

How to tie everything together into a unified analysis
Frameworks and resources for applying what you’ve learned
Getting recognized for your new skills and providing feedback

And here’s the best part:

You will also get a Looker Studio Certificate when you complete the program.

You can use it to:

Get reimbursed by your employer
Deduct your taxes if you have your own business
Secure future employment opportunities
Leverage your expertise to get more clients
Enjoy your newfound bragging rights!



Founder and CEO of Data Driven U

Jeff Sauer has been working in digital marketing and web analytics since 2005, when he became one of the first beta testers of Google Analytics. He's also an award-winning digital advertiser. He's been recognized as one of the top 25 Most Influential People in PPC advertising several times in the past decade.

As a marketer and web analyst, Jeff has helped businesses of all sizes find insights in their marketing data, which they used to achieve and exceed their annual goals.

These days, Jeff is a full-time educator with his online training programs reaching over 50,000 students and helping them master PPC Marketing, Data Analytics, and Agency Business Development.

“My mission is to make learning digital marketing easy and fun for you!”

Julie Brade

Director of Measurement for Measure Holdings, LLC

Julie Brade started with the MeasurementMarketing.io team in 2015 and has grown to become a Director of Measurement. She has trained dozens of teams from Pat Flynn to Agora Financial to properly measure their data, understand the story the data is telling, and taking action.

She helps our Measurement Marketing members and non-members to solve their problems — GA, GTM, Looker Studio Dashboards, and more!

Julie overlooks every project of the company, helps our clients figure out how their sites are performing, and where they can improve to grow their numbers and business.

Julie is also a mother of 3 amazing kids and works out at least 5 days a week.

And, there’s more!

When you join the Looker Studio Blueprint, you’ll also get the following bonuses included in your purchase…


Complementary Expert Looker Studio Workshops

Build your Business Intelligence and Report Creation skills with these bonus expert workshops showing you little-known tips and tricks

Triple your speed and productivity with Looker Studio with clever shortcuts you learn from experts who use this daily, and

Learn the best time-saving Looker Studio shortcuts, tips, and tricks from the best
Get a 360-degree view into what’s happening in your funnels so that you can optimize your campaigns in real-time
Control your costs while using data connectors in Looker Studio so you can stay profitable with all of your clients

$796 Value


Lifetime Access to Looker Studio Blueprint Session Recordings, Q&As, and Discussions

Never miss one minute of our Looker Studio Blueprint course and all the Q&As!

Just watch the recordings on your own time once we make them available.

$499 Value


Downloadable Access to All Documents, Templates, Processes, and Techniques We Develop in the Blueprint

Use what we already built for you, so you don’t have to create them from scratch.

We provide the resources so you don’t have to create from scratch. Just start using them and hit the ground running!

Every one of our Looker Studio report templates comes with a video that shows you how to connect the template to your data so you can see your results quickly.
Copy these templates, add your branding, and use them as your own, so you can look great in front of your company, clients, and other stakeholders.

$500 Value

Our 60-Day Limited Guarantee

Join today, we are here to support your continued learning. If within 60 days of purchase, you've completed all the course videos and can document your progress, we'll happily work with you to get you the training you need or refund your purchase. See our complete refund policy.

Upgrade your order to a Data Driven Insiders membership AND you’ll get on-demand support from vetted marketing and analytics experts

In addition to ordering the Looker Studio Blueprint Certificate Program, you also have the opportunity to join the Data Driven community where you can ask questions, get implementation support, and network with marketing peers.

By joining the Data Driven community, you will become a data-driven expert marketer armed with time-saving processes, repeatable profit-generating systems, and continued expert guidance.

Get immediate access to these resources through your Data Driven Insiders membership:

Five world-class data-driven marketing certificate programs delivered by expert instructors actively working in their fields. Take these programs, earn badges along the way, and cement your status as a top 5% digital marketer!
Live “Brain Gainz” workshops and Office Hours sessions with experts actively solving the same problems that you face. Ask questions and get immediate answers on any implementation that you happen to be working on at the moment.
Unlimited support through the Data Driven Insiders private community, where you can participate in lively discussions with peers from over 40 countries around the world. This is a safe place to ask all your questions!
Time-saving cheat codes that indispensable data-driven marketers cannot live without. This includes workbooks, templates, cheat sheets, calculators, briefs, planners, and playbooks for all 5 dimensions: Analytics, Traffic (paid ads), Tracking, Conversions, and Business Intelligence. Never spend another minute reinventing the wheel again!

Looker Studio Blueprint Certification Program

Choose the option that’s right for you:

Looker Studio Blueprint Certification


One-time payment

6 Looker Studio lessons led by Jeff Sauer and Julie Brade (90 minutes per session) ($2,499 value)
Hand-crafted Looker Studio Templates you can use immediately ($497 value)
Certificate of completion for participating in all sessions ($999 value)
Bonus #1: Supplemental Looker Studio training workshops with experts including Ameet Wadhwani, Ahmad Kanani, Fred Pike, and Jeff Sauer ($796 Value)
Bonus #2: Lifetime access to session recordings and discussions ($499 value)
Bonus #3: Downloadable access to all documents, templates, processes, and techniques we develop in the class ($500 value)

Total value: $5,291


GA4 Certificate Program
+ data driven insiders


Monthly Payment

Everything in the Analysis with GA4 Certificate Program, PLUS:
🎓Four additional Certificate Programs that cement your status as a top 5% digital marketer ($4,995 Value)
🧠Live “Brain Gainz” sessions + Office Hours with experts for continued learning of cutting-edge topics and where answers are always within reach ($4,995 Value)
👨‍💻Unlimited support from our Slack community experts channel ($2,997 Value)
‍💼Resource Library full of cheat codes, dashboards, and calculators saving you countless of hours of pain and frustration ($4,997 Value)
BONUS #1: GA4 Toolbox SOPs Pro Edition ($999 Value)
BONUS #2: Special discounts on marketing software ($2,999 Value)

Total Value: $21,981

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