Behind the Scenes of our Recording Setup for the 90 Day Challenge Videos

Think you need a fancy production studio to start recording videos for your business?

Maybe you don't!

In Today's episode of Behind the Scenes, we'll look at my video recording setup for the 90 Day challenge.

We are producing almost all of our videos for the 90 day challenge in my makeshift recording studio.  But that doesn't mean we want to sacrifice quality.

Follow along, and I'll show you a couple of tricks we use to dress up our video content.

Where is our recording setup?

Most of our videos are recorded from my temporary home office. I committed to the digital nomad lifestyle about three years ago. But starting this January, I setup a little recording studio in my current home office situation.

When we're shooting video, I turn my office into a one-man production studio with the help of a few of tools.

Green Screen

I record in front of a 6 ‘X 6' green screen. The green screen hides the books and other clutter in my office or hotel room. It also allows us to put graphics behind me on the screen.

Recording in front of a green screen is a simple way to add a little bit of professional quality to your videos.

Jeff's recording setup

Microphone audio

The raw audio for our videos is pretty rough. Poor audio quality is one of the quickest ways to lose viewers.

To increase our sound quality, I use a stand-alone microphone, the Blue Yeti stereo mic.  I use this mic to record audio for both our Jeff on camera and screen cam footage.

Jeff's recording setup and microphone

Batch video recording to save time

Now, I don't really want to get on camera every day. Also, because I am on the road 90% of my life, I have to make use of any in-office time I have.

To make our recording process efficient, I batch our video shoots. I usually produce three to five videos in one day. Batching also saves me from having to setup and tear down my recording equipment on a daily basis.

Screen cam footage

Our screen cam videos are shot on Camtasia. We use a mix of PowerPoints and screen grabs for this part of our footage.

To see how we script our videos for our screen cam recordings, check out last week's episode of Behind the Scenes.

Video product

Each video is a combination of four or more files. Our screen cam footage is a Camtasia file. Our Jeff on camera recording is saved in an MP4. The audio footage is stored in a wav file. And we also have the PowerPoint slides I use during our screen cam recording.

Once I finish recording, I upload all our video files to our Dropbox team folder. Then I pass them on to our video editor.

video files

Shooting on location

We are only about a third of the way through the 90 challenge, and I am about to hit the road again in March.

There's a good chance a few of our videos are going be recorded while I'm in Slovenia. Or, maybe in an airport or two?

But so far our makeshift, home-office production studio is getting the job done.

I hope you enjoyed this look behind the scenes at my recording setup.

What's your recording setup like?

Do you shoot video content for you business or blog?  Tweet us a behind the scenes pic of your recording setup. We'll share your picture on the Jeffalytics Twitter channel during the 90 day challenge.

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