FB Ads On A Budget

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Creative That Wins

How can you test the most effective ads for your business to get better results?

There are three main issues when thinking about your advertising on Facebook...

  1. Ads get stale quickly and it can take a long time to produce something that’s great
  2. You have to play by Facebook’s rules to succeed with your advertising
  3. It seems like Facebook’s #1 rule is to make you spend as much money with them as possible

...but you can still have success.

Image or Video?

Both image and video can work well for your Facebook ad creative, but which one should you choose? Think about what makes most sense for your business in terms of time, budget, and return.

Here are some things to consider:


  • Low cost to create
  • Easy to outsource
  • Quick to produce
  • Faster testing due to low production barriers


  • Higher cost to create, even with a lower production value
  • Usually requires more skills and discretion
  • Takes time to produce
  • More difficult to cycle out quickly

Overall, videos cost more time and money to produce than images On top of that, most people will not watch your video.

Here are some stats we put together on videos:

  • Average view length 0:04 seconds
  • 5.61% of people watched the full video
  • 56.63% watched 3 seconds or less
  • Most videos were 60-90 seconds long

Recommendations for Images

We recommend starting with images to establish your baseline and then adding videos into the mix later.

There are some techniques that will stop people from scrolling past your image:

  • Juxtaposition technique: Take standard images and add a twist e.g. take an image of an office worker and add a silly cartoon next to it. This kind of technique works because the viewers see something unusual and want to know what’s going on. Try to match up the angles in the ad copy with the image and make sure the level of silliness is appropriate to your brand and your message.
  • Familiarity technique: This might involve using familiar images with a twist, or formats that you know your audience will be used to. This technique requires you to know your audience pretty well, and you will need to test...a lot!
  • Intrigue Technique: The idea with this technique is to show users something they haven’t seen before and that interests them. People often like to see images of people or animals but interest is subjective so you will need to keep an open mind and test a lot as well.

Recommendations for Video

  • Supercuts: This is like a highlights reel of your existing footage. This is useful because you don’t need to produce any new material and it’s also a technique which is super easy to outsource. Keep the video under 90 seconds in total (remember, most people won’t watch all of it).
  • Guided Tours: This gives your audience an inside look at your product or service. Use a walkthrough to show off your best features without getting too far into the detail - keep things low-tech and simple. They are a great option for retargeting warm audiences as a means of getting them off the fence, but can work with cold ones too.


  • For creating video, we recommended Pixlr and Canva
  • Facebook guidelines only permit text to take up a maximum of 20% of your ad. Use Facebook’s tools to check this.
  • Add subtitles to videos with Veed (subtitles are essential as 85% of people watch videos with no sound).


  • Videos are great but don’t let that become a bottleneck - images perform well too!
  • Video views may be lower than you would expect
  • Juxtaposition, Familiarity and Intrigue techniques can help you create scroll-stopping images
  • Supercuts and Guided Tours can help you incorporate video into your creative toolkit
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