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Hail Mary Advertising

Lottery Tickets, Hail Mary Passes, and Your Facebook Ads Results…

Why should you advertise on Facebook? There are $55 Billion Reasons why.

Facebook is doing pretty well for themselves!

Facebook Results: https://investor.fb.com/investor-news/press-release-details/2019/Facebook-Reports-Fourth-Quarter-and-Full-Year-2018-Results/default.aspx

98.5% of Facebook’s revenue comes from Advertising.

Facebook Results: https://investor.fb.com/investor-news/press-release-details/2019/Facebook-Reports-Fourth-Quarter-and-Full-Year-2018-Results/default.aspx

That’s great, right? But is that enough reason to advertise? Not if you’re in it for the wrong reasons.

The wrong way to advertise your business

When business isn’t going well…

Or when a business wants to expand.

The temptation is often to “go big or go home”

Throw money, resources, blood, sweat, and tears at a problem… and hope that it pays off.

Like a Hail-Mary pass in Football

You know, when the quarterback drops back, sets their feet, and throws downfield.

A Hail Mary Pass just looks painful.

Several defenders try to prevent a catch.

Sometimes it works.

Sometimes it’s life altering.

Let’s give it up for the Minnesota Vikings…

Realistically, though? It almost always fails.

New England Patriots Super Bowl Failure.

2.5% of the time, you score a touchdown.

97.5% of the time? You lose the game.

That’s not a winning percentage I’m comfortable for life, sports, or advertising.

Not into American Football?

Think of a Hail-Mary pass as buying a lottery ticket, but with higher odds of winning. Lottery tickets have a .00000033% chance of winning.

Online advertising shouldn’t be a Hail-Mary pass (or a lottery ticket). Advertising should be a key medium for promoting your products or services. Advertising allows you to reach your ideal target audiences, profitably. Online Ads allow you to grow revenues, find new customers, and scale your revenues and profits.

Advertising is not a one-time investment. It’s a way of life.

What’s your go to market strategy?

Over the years, I’ve helped companies budget millions for online advertising. I’ve personally overseen $25 Million in online ad spend.

Advertising success starts at the source. At a minimum, successful advertisers need to do three things:

1. You need to set a strategy and advertising targets
2. You need to establish the budget you are willing to spend and your expected results
3. You need to project how your budget will increase/decrease as you gather results

Ok, so how much should you spend advertising?

I had four game-changing epiphanies on my path to paid advertising success.

1) Set realistic goals before you pay a dime to Facebook

Each campaign needs to define explicit success targets, otherwise success will always be fleeting

2) Know your numbers – including sales close rates and margins!

Understanding your all-in advertising numbers makes budgeting for ad campaigns a no-brainer!

3) Focus on maximizing long-term results, especially profits

Give insight into how your results will change with your budget allocation.

4) Incorporate real-world feedback from your ads, customer, and company

A.K.A establish a feedback loop!

Your initial predictions become more out of date than that time I wore Zubaz for a whole summer.

Cut the mullet…

Cut the mullet…Update your campaigns.

My five rules for profit driven Facebook advertising:

  1. Set your advertising goals and budget before spending any money with Facebook
  2. Map your sales process, from unaware to prospect to customer
  3. Test everything, check your ego, and double-down on what’s working
  4. Nail your audiences at each step of the buying cycle
  5. Relationships take time and a complete strategy converts more customers than Hail-Mary passes

The rest of this bootcamp will shed more light on my rules for Facebook Advertising.

Summarizing this video:

  • There are billions of reasons to advertise on Facebook
  • Hail-Mary passes have low chances of success, but not lottery-level bad
  • Advertising profitably is a way of life
  • Focus on three things: Strategy, budget, and profits
  • Learn from my mistakes and epiphanies!
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