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Life Sucks Right Now

What do you do when things aren’t going according to plan?

Business plans and bloody noses

You had a great plan…

Two things about this quote…

1. Tyson lost the fight after he made the quote
2. I plan for getting punched in the mouth every f--ing day I’m in business

Maybe you should, too?

RIP 2009-2019

Goodbye to 10 Years of peak everything. Goodbye Good Riddance to 10 Years of peak everything.

Good Riddance! Peak housing market (And we thought the last bubble was insane!)

Good Riddance! Peak stock market

Silver lining: Even with the drop the stock market isn’t that far off recent peaks

Silver lining: We are well ahead of 2007/2008 and the Dot Bomb Era

Good Riddance! Peak hype and hysteria (The Gartner Hype Cycle)

Good Riddance! Peak content (= impossible to keep up)


Good Riddance! Peak Television

ou may remember 2009 – 2019 as the golden age... I call it the era of peak distraction!

Peak relief

This is the third shitstorm I’ve experienced in my professional life (and I’m not even 40 yet).

I knew it was coming, because history… We just didn’t know when

In 2018, I asked smart people, like my financial advisor

He said “think of this like a baseball game. It might feel like the 8th inning now, but we are going to extra

Not a baseball fan? Let me explain…

The problem? All games must end at some point… So we knew it was inevitable, but when would it happen?

I read the opinions of many rando’s on the Internet, and still had no idea…

Timing these things is impossible. I have been excited about a correction for years… Why? Because the market was already over…





Now it’s like everything’s on sale.

It's time to rebuild.

A great opportunity ahead

When markets are on the way up, it’s easy to get consumed by FOMO

Grass is greener… Other business models are sexier… Someone is making money easier…

Laptop Millionaires, Rented Lambos… It’s all over now.

There are much fewer shiny objects to chase, and those luxuries we “must have” are deeply discounted. This is the best thing that could happen for growing your future business.

What really matters

When things go poorly, focus on the future. It’s ok to be upset about recent events, but it’s the future that defines you.

Let’s give 2009-2019 a Viking funeral

This bootcamp focuses on a new way of operating. This bootcamp is about the future. The future is now.

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