Sell Migration to GA4 Services with Confidence (and This Free Manual)

GA4 is a once in a decade opportunity for data service providers. You can make money by selling GA migration services to your customers. It even gets better. You don’t have to figure everything out yourself. We did it for you…

Follow the path to money data, as outlined in the table of contents. Or watch the video by Jeff, founder of Data Driven U.

Video: Selling Google Analytics 4 Migrations With Confidence

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Why have most organizations not migrated to GA4 yet?

Many organizations still have objections to GA4. Objections are a particular form of excuses.

Excuse me?

Below you can find 3 excuses we have come across while talking to marketers and data analysts about migrating to Google Analytics 4.

Excuse 1: waiting for a GA4 migration tool

That’s exactly like the famous play “Waiting for Godot” by Samuel Beckett. You can wait, but it will not appear the way we all want and need it so much.

Don’t expect a similar transition experience as when Classic Google Analytics replaced Universal Google Analytics.

Excuse 2: switching to GA4 is too technical

It is complicated to implement the GA4 code properly. Especially if you want to include the advanced techniques and extend GA further than the default possibilities.

Organizations often need technical help to do it properly. You, as a data analyst or even website builder, can provide GA4 as a paid migration service to your customers. Migrating to GA4 is straightforward if you have a system in place but complicated if you're inexperienced.

Excuse 3: Waiting until GA4 becomes a complete reporting tool

GA4 is not perfect at this moment.

  • The interface doesn’t even come close to GA Universal
  • It requires precious time to find how data is presented
  • GA4 lacks reports and more

Let me add one more excuse: you have plenty of time to make the switch from UA to GA4.

This raises an important question.

When does Google Analytics Universal end?

You must have seen the date and friendly reminders if you read our weekly newsletter filled with data driven tips.

The migration date to GA4 is set in stone: the 1st of July 2023.

On that day, UA will stop collecting data. You will still have access to your reports. Hooray for that!

And at one moment, you will no more. Bummer.

Losing data is the worst nightmare for data analysts, marketers, businesses and non-commercial organizations.

In the worst-case scenario, you will lose access to your Universal reports in January 2024.

Why migrate to GA4 before the deadline?

Google Analytics 4 is a clean slate. It’s a scary black void that contains




GA4 only starts collecting data the moment you implement it on your website or ecommerce site.

If you switch to GA4 before the 1st of July 2022, you will have one year of data in comparisons at the moment GAU ends.

We at Data Driven U have made the early GA4 transition our mission.

To make it as smooth as possible for you, we provide tons of resources that will teach and assist you along the way.

They will hopefully help you and your customers reduce GA4 stress and fear, which is another terrible reason to postpone the process.

Fear of migrating to GA4

Google Analytics has been around for over a decade. It’s scary that it will end up in the Google Graveyard. Soon.

All your efforts will become withered bouquets. That’s sad AND scary.

You may have

There are a lot of “may have” situations at your side. The same goes for GA4.

Let’s have a closer look at the uncertainties that currently feed the fear of digital marketers.

What are the GA4 known unknowns?

Here is a scary list of GA4 known unknowns:

  • Will GA4 provide a landing page report? (Probably yes, according to Jeff)
  • Will GA4 bring back bounce rate metrics?
  • Will GA4 charts look as pretty as in GA3?
  • Is the ugly mobile first thing in GA4 going to stay this way?

Good questions, but no answers (yet).

Why is that?

Google spent over two years working on the backend of GA4 to

  • get all the data collection in place
  • ensure that it's a world class data collection platform under a new data model
  • process the data efficiently
  • and make it all work

Now, they are improving the frontend. Alas, this is the only visible part of the new Google analytics tool.

All judgements (and prejudices) are based on what we see and experience when trying to see what we need to see. The good news is that there is probably a lot more we cannot see now.

What are the GA4 unknown unknowns?

GA4 is most likely going to release features, reports, metrics we cannot even imagine now.

At Data Driven, we keep a close eye on the development of GA4, so you don’t have to.

We create useful resources for marketeers and share them with readers of our newsletter and members of the Data Driven Insider programs.

Those are people like you who want to stay on top of GA4 updates.

The information also helps them to stay ahead of their competitors…

Free GA4 migration checklist (PDF)

Do you want to transition to GA4 the right way for your own organization or customers?

Head over to our GA4 Migration Checklist page.

The free PDF is a complete checklist to migrate from UA to GA4. It contains:

  • actionable step-by-step instructions
  • screenshots to guide you through the steps
  • answers to all important questions, such as
    • How do you put the GA4 code on your site?
    • Should you use Google Tag Manager?
    • How do you set up a property?
    • What is parallel tracking?
    • What data do you really need to bring over to GA4?
    • What is your data telling you today?

If you followed our Google Analytics course last year, or are a member of our Insiders Program, you had early access to the migration PDF.

Now, everybody can download the resource. For free.

And start making money from it.

$€lling time.

Make money from GA4 migration

Marco is from the Netherlands. He is one of the Data Driven Insiders and he printed out this PDF.

Then he sold it as his own GA4 checklist to his customers.

You can do this too.

Seriously. It will probably be the easiest money you ever made in your data career.

You can also use the checklist and follow it to do the GA4 migration for customers.

What’s the catch?

There is none. Jeff is a teacher. He loves to educate people like you and for now, he doesn’t offer GA4 migration services.

You can use the money you make with the PDF for whatever you want. You can, for instance, use it to invest in your career or business with our in-depth Data Driven Programs and resources.

All our materials are composed and reviewed by experts. Data and technology never sleep and therefore, we continuously develop new material that helps you to stay updated.

Meet the GA4 Tool Box

This is a super awesome program. It includes an updated version of the migration PDF + a ton of new resources.

  • No videos, straight to the (data) point.
  • Handy documents like the free PDF.
  • Processes for GA4 migration.
  • Setting up GA4 for e-commerce.
  • Getting reports in order.
  • Getting your dashboards in order with Data Studio.
  • Tools to help you migrate, debug and make GA4 an oiled machine.

Key Takeaways

Google analytics 4 is a tremendous opportunity to make extra money as a data analyst.

Organizations are afraid to make the switch. They need technical assistance, and this is where you can come in.

You can download the free Data Driven detailed GA4 migration PDF.

Print it out, sell it, or use it as a step-by-step manual for your business, organization, or customers.

If you want to provide an even more advanced service, you can access our GA4 Tool Box. It will save you time compared to figuring out Google Analytics 4 yourself. The resources are composed by Jeff and the Data Driven team.

Don’t wait. Migrate a year before GA4 replaces GA3.

Use 2022 to start collecting data. And make extra money…

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