YouTube Video Publishing Process

Your end-to-end plan for consistently publishing new video content and growing your YouTube channel rapidly

  • A detailed checklist covering every step you need  to create, edit, publish and promote content like a YouTube pro
  • The Done-For-You Video Publishing Action Plan you can upload directly to your project management system
  • A video guide that reveals the behind-the-scenes process for consistently churning out high-quality YouTube content  

We've been growing every year since I started my first (Data Driven) course. I invest in a new course every year." 

Marco Kramer

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The Secret to Consistently Publishing High-Quality Youtube Content

"Lights... Camera... NO Action?"

Unfortunately, becoming a video creator isn't as simple as just hitting the record button and waiting for the magic to happen.

The reality is, there are a lot of other details that go into creating content for Youtube.

... the research, the prep work, the editing , the channel optimizations...

Yet, avoiding video altogether isn't an option.

  • YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine on the planet
  • 100 million hours of video are watched on Facebook every day
  • Users look at videos 5X longer than they do static images
  • Video ads tend to produce cheaper engagements and capture more attention

As marketers, entrepreneurs, and business owners… 

We all have to learn how to create and use video content to promote our products. 

So what's the secret to creating video content with ease? How can you consistently and confidently churn out new videos that you're excited to share?

Well, I can tell you after creating 100s of videos for my courses... and producing 100s more marketing tutorials for YouTube...

...The one thing that helped me become a more efficient and confident creator is... PROCESS! 

You see, at one point, I created 90 marketing tutorials in 90 straight days. And there's no way I could have made it through that marathon without a complete video creation roadmap.

Because I had a fully mapped out process, I didn't have to scramble to figure out:

What to talk about on camera? What format to record in? Which visuals to use? How to edit my video? Or how to promote my videos so they would get seen by more people than just my mom?

Instead, I knew the answers to all these questions ahead of time.

And as a result... making a new video every day was as easy as hitting record.

Today, I am sharing my video creation process with you!

The YouTube Creators Action Plan

Whether you're brand new to creating videos...

Or you've been actively searching for the missing link that will allow you to record more so you can grow your YouTube channel...

...You can use my process to simplify creating new video content.

When you use this end-to-end roadmap, you'll know exactly:

  • Which to topics to talk about in your videos and how to hook your audience from the get-go 
  • How to streamline your production and editing process, so you can create content faster 
  • How to turn one video into many pieces of content... so that you can reach audiences on multiple platforms and rack up more views  
  • How to make sure every key step in production, editing, and promotion happens when it should... so that you can create new video content consistently with confidence and purpose... and without getting burned out or overwhelmed.  

For creators: this plan will bring order and efficiency to your YouTube business.

For service providers: this is a process you can deliver to your clients to help increase their earnings from YouTube videos.

For marketers: this is an asset that will simplify creating your video content and help you promote your brand.

What's Inside the YouTube Publishing Process?

An action plan that will help you nail every step in the content creation process...  And consistently publish new videos without getting overwhelmed or worn out.

A Done-For-You content creation workflow that you can upload directly to your project management system!

 A behind-the-scenes walkthrough revealing a complete production and promotion plan you can use to grow your YouTube Channel rapidly

This Video Publishing Process isn't just useful for YouTube videos. You can also use it on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn... or anywhere else you can share video content.

YouTube Video Publishing Process

Use this ready-made plan to start publishing on YouTube with consistency and purpose!

Compared to other programs I've tried in the past, they pale in significance...  For me Data Driven is the place to go.

Ryan Soper-Powell

About The Author

Jeff Sauer

Hi, I am Jeff Sauer. You might know me from my popular digital marketing trainings, Google Ads and Analytics Mastery.

Over the years, I've created 100s of videos for my online marketing courses. These courses have received 1000s of five-star reviews on independent platforms like Skillshare and Appsumo.

I've also created 100s of YouTube videos. At one point, I even published 90 full-length marketing tutorials in straight 90 Days. This consistent effort to create video content helped my website traffic grow by over 700%... which in turn, resulted in a ton of new customers finding my products.

My secret to creating new video content almost every day for the past three years... whether it's courses, Youtube tutorials, ads, or webinars... is my process.

Today, I am sharing my video creation roadmap with you. I've found that having a proven process for planning, recording, editing, and promoting your video content reduces anxiety about being on camera. It also brings energy and excitement to your creative process... allowing you to create videos you're proud to share.

YouTube Video Publishing Process

The action-pan that will help you become a prolific content creator 

and grow your YouTube channel quickly

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