Facebook Ads LeadS Performance Dashboard

See all your Facebook lead generation stats in one ready-made, clear as day report

  • Save hours of time on reporting
  • Show off your results to clients and coworkers in an attractive, easy to read, pre-built report
  • Have your most important lead gen stats at your fingertips anytime you need
  • Track live Facebook Ads data… without even logging into Ads Manager

We've been growing every year since I started my first (Data Driven) course. I invest in a new course every year." 

Marco Kramer

Data Driven has trained digital marketers in over 1,000 organizations, including:

FB Ads Lead Gen Reporting Made Clear, Simple, and Attractive

As an advertiser... “reporting” has all the sex appeal of penny loafers with black tube socks and jean shorts.

But you know what is sexy?

Finishing your reports in one click

…(instead of wasting time filtering through Ads Manager, exporting data, and tinkering around in Excel until your charts look “pretty.”)

Or how about this…

Delivering your Facebook Ads lead gen results in a one-page dashboard so clear and attractive that even Fred from accounting can see the value of your work!

Well, guess what?

Just so happens I’ve built such a Dashboard.

And today, I’m sharing my Facebook Ads Lead Gen Performance Template with you.

All Your Key Lead Generation Stats in a 1-Page Clear As Day Dashboard 

This reporting template is designed to show off all your most important lead gen numbers, at both a macro and micro level.

Total Ads Spend, Total Leads, Cost-per-lead, Website conversions...

...As well as campaign-level data.

You can even see your ad level stats - CTR, Impressions, Spend, and Leads…

... alongside pictures of your ad creative.

Facebook Ads Lead Generation Report for Google Data Studio

Plug-and-Play Reporting

To use the Facebook Leads Performance Template, all you have to do is:

  • Copy it to your Google Data Studio account 
  • Plug it into your Data Sources (Google Analytics + Supermetrics)  
  • Enter your campaign names in the report filters

It's that easy. Three simple steps and your reporting is done!

A Time-Saving Solution for Advertisers

and Business Owners

As an advertiser, this report will help show off the value of your work to your clients in a format even “non-marketing”  savvy folks can understand. 

It also will eliminate the endless hours spent pulling your lead gen metrics and turning them into charts and graphs. 

As a business owner, you can use this report to see your lead gen numbers anytime you need… without even logging into Facebook Ads. 

If you have an agency running your ads for you, you can even use this report to keep tabs on their results. 

What Comes with The FB Leads Performance Dashboard?

Facebook Ads Lead Generation Report for Google Data Studio
Leads Dashboard Video

A ready-made dashboard template you can plug into your marketing platforms in just a few clicks

A complete video walkthrough that shows you how to use this report

 Access to Data Driven members-only benefits, like discounts on tools and training courses

Facebook Ads LeadS Performance Dashboard 

Save hours of time on reporting... And see all your key lead gen stats in one easy-to-read report!

Compared to other programs I've tried in the past, they pale in significance...  For me Data Driven is the place to go.

Ryan Soper-Powell

About The Author

Jeff Sauer

Hi, I’m Jeff Sauer, but you might know me as Jeffalytics. I have been working in web analytics since 2005 when I became one of the first people to beta test Google Analytics.

As a marketer and web analyst, I've helped businesses of all sizes find insights in their marketing data, which they used to achieve and exceed their annual goals.

Before Google Data Studio was introduced, I used to spend anywhere from 10 to 30 hours a week building reports and helping my clients understand what their data could tell them. Since Google Data Studio was released, I‘ve been fascinated by how we can use it to visualize data and tell the story of our marketing… our objectives… and our performance.

I love creating these dashboard templates because they not only save me and my team hours of time... but they also help 1000s of marketers deliver clear and actionable reports with ease!

Facebook Ads LeadS Performance Dashboard

See your key lead stats anytime you need - Finish your reporting in minutes - Show off your results

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