Save 100s Of Hours on your PPC reporting! 

Use our pre-built, automated PPC Dashboard to show off your results 

Display your Google, Facebook, and Bing Ads KPIs in one consolidated report, with just a few clicks

automate your PPC Reporting 

Why waste your time gathering data and building pretty pictures when you should be doing what you do best... Driving PPC results.

Let our Data Driven Blended PPC Dashboard do your reporting work for you. Simply plug this Google Data Studio Dashboard into your advertising accounts and within minutes and a few clicks you'll have a complete, consolidated report.  

We’ve taken care of all the dirty work of building the scorecards, graphs, and data blending calculations. All you have to do is plug our GDS Dashboard into your advertising accounts… and it will automatically show off your results!

You can use the Data Driven blended PPC report to:

  • Save yourself 100s of hours a year on reporting
  • Deliver a report that gets your audience's attention and shows the metrics that matter
  • Display KPIs from multiple advertising platforms (Google, Facebook and Bing) in one consolidated dashboard
  • Build a professional data-driven report from the ground up

Consolidated PPC Dashboard Template

Show off all you PPC results (Google Ads, Facebook, Bing Ads) in a consolidated, automated dashboard

What you get:

  • Consolidated PPC Dashboard Template for Data Studio
  • Instructional video on how to use the template
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