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  • Learn how to land the one-type of client that will put your new business on solid ground long-term
  • Discover the tricks to stimulating and scaling word-of-mouth growth
  • Get the simple financial formula that will reveal when it’s time to make your big moves

I love these start from zero videos. I am a full-time mechanical engineer. When Covid came my pay was cut and it forced me to take Action! Just as you describe in your videos I prototyped my services and have 3 clients with more asking.

Justin Doyle

Data Driven has trained digital marketers in over 1,000 organizations, including:

The truth about growing from ZERO to Authoritative Expert with clients who rave about you and more demand than you can fulfill

Some people make it look so easy...

It seems like only yesterday they were a junior employee and yet today, they own a business that works with the best clients in their industry and commands astronomical fees.

How did they go from ZERO to top tier service provider so fast? So effortlessly?

The truth - They probably struggled like hell, took on massive risk, or just plain got lucky.

But heart-attack-inducing risk or counting on luck isn’t for everyone.

So what are the options for people who want to strike out on their own… but can’t afford to fail?

Isn’t there a path for people who can’t jeopardize their paycheck or risk tarnishing their career?

The answer is YES.

And in this 8 workshop series, you’ll learn a pragmatic research-based approach to building a secure and growing freelance business.

You’ll follow along with Jeff Sauer, builder of multiple bootstrapped Zero to 6 and 7-figure service businesses.

Jeff will show his simple, by-the-numbers approach to charting your path.

He’ll also teach you how to position your business in the right place to capture existing demand.

And, he’ll reveal the non-salesy way to turn one client into many.

Here’s what you’ll find inside this one-of-a-kind workshop series...

Gather Information and Momentum

A research-based approach to sizing up the market and measuring where you fit best

Prototyping Your Service

The data-driven system you can use to identify profitable, high-growth service offerings

Wooing the Early Adopters

How to find and land the “five percenters” who will give you your first big break and put your business on solid ground

Making a Full-Time Commitment

The anchor strategy that will allow you to commit to your business full-time without risking your savings

Growing via Word of Mouth

The five tactics that will stack the deck in your favor and help you turn one client into many

Avoid Hidden Debt

How to avoid the four hidden kinds of debt that can drag down your business and prevent you from achieving entrepreneurial freedom

Sales Amplification

Demand building strategies that will promote your brand and increase your sales

8 Workshop Recordings | 1 Interactive Resource | 8+ Hours of Video Content

Who is this course for?

  • Employees who want to strike out on their own without taking on debt or risking their paycheck
  • Side Hustlers looking to transition to full-time freelancing
  • Freelancers who want to stop relying on job boards, increase their contract sizes, and start developing a value-driven brand

Who shouldn’t take this course?

  • Experienced agency owners whose business is already growing
  • Anyone who's not interested in owning and operating a service-based business


Your eight-step plan for building a value-driven service business

This was a hole in one! I'm starting a new venture, this has really inspired me.


About The Instructor

Jeff Sauer

Hi, I'm Jeff Sauer. I am a Partner at Three Deep Marketing, a 5-time Inc. 5000 award recipient and Inc. Hall of Fame inductee.

I am also a professional data analyst and the founder of Data Driven. Since 2015, Data Driven's online training programs have helped over 17,000 students master PPC Marketing, Data Analytics, and Agency Business Development.

As an agency owner, I have sold over ten million dollars in professional services since 2005. In these eight workshops, I’ll show you how to take the all-important first steps that will put your service business on firm-ground and position you for long-term growth.


8-steps to becoming an in-demand freelancer

Gain the confidence and momentum that will propel you to owning a thriving service-based business

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