Sales Jumpstart


  • Proven lead generation tactics that require zero cold prospecting  
  • A client-relationship building system that positions you as a long-term, high-value ally
  •  Step-by-step strategies that will increase your revenue from existing clients
  • Proven proposal templates that  will help you close more deals and save you hours of work

It took out the guess work. I learned new strategies, acquired new tools and gained confidence in what I was already doing well. The course has helped me grow my business.


Data Driven has trained digital marketers in over 1,000 organizations, including:

Here's What You'll Find Inside

Sales Jumpstart...

A complete lead generation and sales system for B2B service providers

A process for increasing the value of your service contracts

Insider tactics that will position you as the premium, in-demand expert

A set of battle-tested pitch decks and proposal templates

13 Modules | 47 Lessons | 9 Exclusive Resources | 6 Hours of Content

Section 1

Where Do You Get Leads?

  • What Exactly is a Lead?
  • Where Do You Find Leads?
  • My Best Lead Sources…

Section 2

Working Inbound Leads

  • Qualifying Your Leads
  • Saying NO to Leads
  • Lead Follow-Up Process

Section 3

Outbound Lead Generation

  • Inbound Leads vs Outbound Leads
  • Getting Started with Outbound Lead Generation
  • Determine Your Target Market
  • Create or Purchase a List of Prospects
  • Invest in Systems for Emailing and Tracking
  • Develop a Script and Sequence
  • Execute Your Plan and Iterate

Section 4

Outreach - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

  • Good Outreach Examples
  • Great Outreach Examples
  • Bad Outreach Examples
  • Ugly Outreach Examples
  • Okay Outreach Examples
  • Real-world Outreach Learnings

Section 5

Keeping Track of Your Leads

  • Lead Capture Mechanisms
  • Marketing Automation Systems
  • Sales Database (CRM System)
  • Features or Integrations?

Section 6

Transitioning Leads to Sales

  • Business Contacts and Leads
  • Prospects
  • Proposals
  • Inked Deals

Section 7

Fundamentals of Building Your Pitch

  • What Goes Into Your Base Capabilities Deck?
  • Positioning Your Company
  • Client Audit Results
  • Your Capabilities and Services
  • Case Studies and Methodologies

Section 8

Generic "Fill in the Blanks" Pitch Deck Template

  • Results From Client Audit
  • Case Studies and Methodologies
  • Questions and Next Steps

Section 9

Pitching Your Services

  • In-Person Pitch Logistics
  • Virtual Pitch Logistics
  • Do This in Every Pitch
  • Don't Do This in Pitches

Section 10

Jeff's Early Sales Pitch

  • Jeff Walks Through His Early Pitch Deck
  • Key Takeaways From Jeff's Pitch Deck

Section 11

Creating Estimates and Proposals

  • Turning Your Pitch Into an Estimate
  • Proposal Tips
  • Proposal and Contract Resources

Section 12

Sales Follow-Up Strategy

  • Follow-Up Process
  • Why Do Prospects Go Cold?
  • Tools and Technology to Track Sales

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Generate more leads and close more high-value deals than you ever have before.

Just thought I would let you know I used Sales Jumpstart to renegotiate my retainer for an extra £9k!


About The Instructor

Jeff Sauer

Hi, I'm Jeff Sauer. I am a Partner at Three Deep Marketing, a 5-time Inc. 5000 award recipient and Inc. Hall of Fame inductee.

I’m also Founder of Jeffalytics and the creator of Data Driven digital marketing  programs that have trained over 17,000 students. 

I have sold over ten million dollars in professional services since 2005, but sales didn’t come easy for me.

The conventional sales advice didn’t work for me. I didn’t want to pressure people into buying or use artificial closing tactics. 

It took me years to discover a method for selling services that worked, and when I did…The client-floodgate opened and my service-based business changed overnight.

Inside Sales Jumpstart, I reveal my unique methodology, The Clients For Decades Model, to selling services without using artificial sales tactics, pressure, or manipulation.


Build the lead generation and sales pipeline you can count on to grow your service-based business.

 Hear "When can you get started?" A LOT More Often

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