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  • Discover how to generate immediate name and brand recognition with the clients you’ve dreamed of pursuing. (No more waiting for them to find you!)  
  • Learn four unique techniques you can use to find and connect with ready-to-buy prospects who are active on LinkedIn
  • Turn your LinkedIn profile into a search optimized inbound/outbound client attraction channel

The value provided in the course is unreal.

Andrew Semaan

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Can you turn LinkedIn into a high-value lead gen channel, quickly?

Don't have time to go down the LinkedIn "rabbit hole" or become a LinkedIn expert? Instead, you just want to get straight to the point and start attracting leads as quickly as possible.

Well, nothing amazing happens overnight (except maybe Christmas).

But, with a little bit of effort, you can turn LinkedIn into a legit lead gen channel that helps you attract new clients and close deals.

You see, there are three primary things you need to do if you want Linked to be a source of new business.

First, you need to create a targeted list of prospects you can connect with and talk to on LinkedIn.

Second, you need to dial in your settings so LinkedIn is easy to manage. (Pro tip: Dialing in your settings will also help you turn LinkedIn into a valuable source of intel on your top prospects).

Third, you need to jazz up your profile so it speaks to your ideal clients' interests and desires. Unfortunately, most service-providers treat their LinkedIn profile like an afterthought. Yet, your LinkedIn profile page is likely to outrank your home page... which means if your profile is weak it could scare off leads who are checking you out.

On the other hand, if your profile is on-point it can help pique your prospects' interest and seal the deal. (It's kind of like the difference between rolling around your hood in a creepy panel van vs. a crisp new Tesla. One will attract head nods and admiration. The other will frighten kids and make your neighbors want to call the police.)

Also, optimizing your profile will help you attract inbound leads. 

Now, here's the excellent news...

In Linked Jumpstart Lite you learn how to do all three of the important things I just mentioned. And, on top of that... you'll discover how to use a handful of clever techniques to jumpstart your lead gen efforts.

Follow along, and you can check everything that's included in Linked Jumpstart Lite here:

Here's What You'll Find Inside
Linked Jumpstart Lite...

Module #1

Lead Generation Strategies

  • Direct-Connect: The one technique that will transform your ability to grow a valuable business network. It will put you in the driver’s seat. It will allow you to hand-pick your clients and become their trusted advisor. It can even help you recruit referral partners or attract investors. Mastering this technique will take you places those who choose to stay inside the cubicle walls will never be invited.
  • ProFinder: The little known program you can use to get LinkedIn to send you ready-to-buy leads.... Along with the exact steps you need to follow to get accepted to this program. (Most service providers get rejected.) And a live demo that shows how to turn the leads LinkedIn sends you into sales calls with just a single message.
  • Mining Job Posts: How to turn LinkedIn Job posts into service contracts.
  • Listening Stations: The search-device that can help you find new ready-to-take-action leads on LinkedIn in seconds - every day!
  • Remarketing and Lookalike Audiences: How to use your LinkedIn network to create remarketing and lookalike audiences. (You can use this simple hack to create advertising lists for both physical products and services.)
  • Linked + Email Marketing: LinkedIn and email go together like PB&J. How, when, and why to email your leads... without violating LinkedIn terms of service. And, how to make certain your emails are well received by your prospects.
  • Local Events: The slick way to use live events to rapidly build your LinkedIn network and bypass awkward business card or contact info exchanges.
  • Starting with an Email List: A reverse-lookup hack that allows you to find your email contacts on LinkedIn and move them into you lead gen funnel.

Module #2

Account Set-up

  • Account types: The key to choosing the account type that gives the most bang for your buck… and… how to get access to the LinkedIn lead gen features most people overlook.
  • Account Settings: How to position your account so LinkedIn generates FREE PR on your behalf and promotes you to your prospects. And the one thing you need to do to make sure you can track visits from LinkedIn to your website accurately.
  • Sales Navigator: A quick hack for getting Sales Navigator to find and recommend leads for you.
  • Public Profile Settings: The secret to turning your LinkedIn page into a search indexed, branded client-attraction-machine.
  • Audience Insight Tag: The sneaky FREE trick that will allow you to see which prospects check out your website. (See the job title and company name of people who click through to your site… so you can optimize your site to help you close these clients, or follow up on LinkedIn with your most engaged prospects.)
  • Which Inbox should you use: How to use “inbox intel” to increase engagement.

Module #3

Creating a Profitable Lead List

  • Estimating The Value Of Your List: How to use our calculator to estimate the value of your lead list so you KNOW how many sales you can generate before you even start your campaigns.
  • Search Overview: The key to quickly building a hyper targeted list of prospects you can connect with on LinkedIn.
  • Mastering Boolean: 5 Search-within-a-search, time-saving list building hacks! And how to work around normal LinkedIn search limitations.
  • Account Search: When to build your lead list using an account search instead of a person search. And, the account based search trick that turns company lists into high value lead lists (in minutes.)
  • Lead Search: How to avoid the common mistakes that can screw up your lead list and tank your conversion rate.
  • Lead And Account Lists: Shortcuts that will allow you to zero in on your best prospects and increase your sales.
  • Do Not Contact Template: The template that will save you from the embarrassment of accidentally re-prospecting current clients.
  • Creating Your Prospecting List: A live walkthrough on how to build your MOST targeted prospecting list. (Following the steps in this lesson will help you find the absolute best prospects to connect with on LinkedIn while saving tens of hours.)
  • Unlimited Search In Free Accounts: The clever way to get unlimited free LinkedIn searches.

Module #4

Profile Optimization

  • Your Profile’s Role In Sales: 2 types of profile optimizations you NEED to make to attract the most leads (inbound and outbound).
  • Profile Features Overview: How to announce that you're “open for business” on LinkedIn so that you’ll attract more bottom-of-funnel leads.
  • Optimizing For Inbound Leads: 4 profile optimizations you must make if you want to rank in search and get inbound leads. (And... how to KNOW if leads are finding you from LinkedIn search.)
  • Optimizing For Prospecting: The 3-second “attention grabber” profile optimization. AND… The #1 thing you MUST do with your profile to get your prospects to leave LinkedIn and visit your website so you can drive more conversions. (It is as simple as showing off your best work in the right places.)
  • The Company Optimization Page: Why continuity between your profile and company page is CRITICAL to lead gen success… AND, how to create that synergy. Also, How to optimize your company page to rank for right searches.


3 Done-For-You REsources

Who is this course for?

  • You're a freelancers, consultant, or agency owners who needs more high quality leads.
  • You sell business-to-business, and your services or products are high-value (In excess of $1,000 per average contract.)
  • You don’t have time to work on every lead gen tactic under the sun…. You want one solution you can chip away at everyday and see results.
  • You want to use Linked to attract clients but you don't have the time or funds to join our mastery level course, Linked Jumpstart.

Who shouldn’t take this course?

  • You don't sell Business-to-Business
  • You're not interested in using LinkedIn to attract clients
  • You're a spammer (We don't teach you how to spam or robo message people on LinkedIn. We ONLY teach value-driven,  human-to-human prospecting).


Get the streamlined, lean-mean version of the Linked Jumpstart 2.0 Lead Generation system!

Amazing, simple yet powerful course. I am so blown away by the content shared in the lessons.

Eddie Robles

About The Instructor

Isaac Anderson

Hi, I am Isaac. I started my journey as a LinkedIn lead generation expert back in 2011.

After years as director of operations for a full service marketing agency, I decided to go niche and specialize in LinkedIn lead generation.

While most service providers will focus on Google and Facebook to generate leads, I decided to focus exclusively on LinkedIn. I saw how LinkedIn could empower businesses to control their own lead generation process and set their own rules.

Today LinkedIn is the #1 social network for serious business professionals...

And after years of trial-and-error, I discovered a proven process on how to use LinkedIn to generate leads for high-ticket services without wasting hours of time in the process. Inside this course, I'll show how to execute every step inside this transformational lead and sales generation system.

linked jumpstart lite

Get the streamlined, lean-mean version of the Linked Jumpstart 2.0 Lead Generation system!

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