The 1-hour a day inbound/outbound lead gen system that will attract your BEST clients

(And, it works faster than blogging, emailing, or advertising)

Linked Jumpstart is a step-by-step system you can follow to go-direct to your ideal clients, quickly build mutually desirable relationships... and... become the trusted advisor they’ll turn to for help. 

NO Blogging. NO Cold Calls or Emails. NO Ads. NO Spam. NO Gatekeepers. 

Instead, skip the Lead Gen “waiting-line” and establish immediate KNOW, LIKE and TRUST status with your dream clients.

LinkedIn. It’s like the forgotten middle child of social networks. Not as sexy as Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. More complicated than Twitter.

Yet, as I’m sure you’ve heard “LinkedIn is where the Professionals are!” 706 million of them to be exact!

Source: LinkedIn

OK - So what! How does that help you?

Do you really need updates about Suzie’s “workiversary,” Mark’s promotion, or Bob’s “State of the Industry” report?

Well, if you know how to use this information you do!

You see, here’s the thing about LinkedIn…

Even though this platform has been around for 18 years, most people still don’t know how to use it to grow their business.

Most people still think LinkedIn is like an informal resume. A place to show off your “Corporate Status” or “hunt for Jobs.”

Sure you can do that stuff on LinkedIn.

Yet, if your real goal is to attract new clients and generate business, you have to look at LinkedIn a little differently.

And, by using the information I’m about to share with you...

You can use LinkedIn to attract new leads faster than you can from blogging, SEO, advertising, cold calling, social posting, attending conferences, or emailing

The great thing about LinkedIn is it allows you to go directly to the clients you want to attract.

Instead of hoping your ideal clients find you in search, see your content on social, or click on your ads…

you can contact them directly.

And you can get access to these prospects without getting shut down by gatekeepers.

On top of that, if you use the right outreach strategies, not only can you go-direct to your most desirable prospects… but you can also initiate an immediate conversation.

So by going direct, you get access where you couldn’t before. And you shorten the sales cycle.

Sounds like a win-win, right?

Which begs the question, “Why isn’t everyone using LinkedIn for lead gen?”

Well, most people, (even many LinkedIn pros) don’t truly understand how to turn LinkedIn into an outbound/inbound lead-gen machine.

I’ll admit, I didn’t even understand the opportunity that exists on LinkedIn until I met Isaac Anderson.

When Isaac showed me how he was generating leads from LinkedIn, I was amazed!

His system is so efficient and DIRECT. No wasted time or energy.

As Isaac explained it to me, what really makes his system effective, is this...

The Three Pillars of Organic LinkedIn Marketing

The big reason people struggle with using LinkedIn for lead generation is that they ignore one of the three pillars I am about to share with you.

Yet, when you incorporate these three principals into your LinkedIn lead gen efforts…

... you can attract new clients quickly, without investing tons of time or money in business development.

Pillar #1

Your BEST Lead List

One of the big mistakes people make with LinkedIn lead gen is they don’t create a hyper-targeted list of prospects.

Instead, they “spray and pray”... meaning they target a broad section of LinkedIn users with a generic message. Tactics like this are why LinkedIn lead gen gets a bad rap.

And, it’s also the reason LinkedIn users wind up getting spammy messages like this:

The good news is if you understand how to use LinkedIn’s targeting features, you don’t have to make this mistake.

LinkedIn has the MOST PRECISE B2B targeting capabilities of any of the major social platforms

For example, if you want to create a list of people who own roofing businesses in the U.S.? You can do that!

Want to create a list of executives who manage 503c non-profits? You can do that!

Using LinkedIn’s search features, you can create a super-focused list of just about any segment of professionals.

In fact, you can even estimate the value of your lead list so you KNOW how much your efforts will payout before you start prospecting on LinkedIn.

Pillar #2

The Money is in the Messaging

Messaging is the most important part of any LinkedIn outreach campaign.

Unfortunately, messaging is also where most mistakes happen.

Sometimes, as I mentioned before, poor messaging is the result of poor targeting.

Other times boring or spammy messages are the results of laziness.

Yet… most of the time people get their messaging wrong because they simply don’t know what to say to their prospects.

If you’re constantly trying to figure out how to start a conversation with your prospects, messaging can take a lot of time.

And, the result of this problem is you CAN’T do outreach quickly… which in turn prevents your campaign from reaching enough people to produce results.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution to this roadblock.

A solution that helps you send high-quality messages, quickly.

That solution is a Message Map

A Message Map is a set of pre-scripted messages that are based on your prospects’ needs, desires, and interests.

These pre-scripted messages make your outreach smooth and easy to deliver. You can copy and paste these messages into your outreach conversations. And you can quickly adapt your messages based on the person you’re talking to.

Also, when you use the Message Map framework I’ll tell you about in just a minute…

… Your messages will intrigue and engage your prospects, making them excited to speak with you.

Pillar #3

The Hidden Power in Your Profile

When you do a Linked Outreach campaign, you drive A LOT of targeted traffic to your LinkedIn profile page.

Which Is great!

Think about it. If you provide B2B services, the most important page on your website is your “About” page. It’s the one page every prospect will review before they decide whether or not to pursue working with you.

On LinkedIn, your profile page is your “About” page. So when you contact prospects on LinkedIn, what do they do before they respond? They visit your profile page.

And if your profile page is underwhelming, it can suck all the enthusiasm out of their desire to work with you.

On the other hand, if your profile page is strategically constructed to grab your prospects’ attention… they’ll take the next step with you.

This is why making your profile appeal to your prospects’ interests and desires is so important.

Optimizing your profile also has another huge benefit most people overlook

When you structure your profile page the right way, it will be a source of INBOUND leads.

Like any search engine, LinkedIn’s algorithm is designed to show people the best results based on their preferences.

What this means is that you can optimize your profile to generate inbound traffic.

By using the right combination of keywords, settings and media in your profile, you can rank for high-value, bottom-of-funnel searches!

This is the power your LinkedIn profile page can have when you optimize it correctly.

It can be a consistent source of your BEST inbound leads!!

The MOST DIRECT path to new business

Given what you now know about using LinkedIn for lead generation, let me ask you this...

Would you rather:

Spend the next week crafting a search-optimized blog post. Hope that Google ranks your post sometime in the next few months. Then, hope your prospects find that post in search… click on your post… read it… and feel inspired enough to contact you.

Pay Google or Facebook $1000s for ads. Hope your ads reach your prospects. Hope your prospects click on your ads. And then hope that your landing page inspires them to contact you.

Send out 100s of cold emails a week. Hope those emails go to the right addresses. Hope they get opened. Hope they don’t get filtered out by a gatekeeper. And then, hope your email copy wins over your prospect, inspiring them to contact you.


Spend an hour a day or less having a direct conversation with your target prospects… discover their needs... uncover their pain points… AND become their trusted advisor.

If you chose the direct path… the path that minimizes the time and money you need to spend on lead generation… the path that shortens your sales cycle and increases your chances of success…

I have exciting news for you!

Today, I am introducing…

Linked Jumpstart 2.0

Linked Jumpstart is a complete training program that teaches you EXACTLY how to build a B2B Lead generation machine on LinkedIn.

And, the system you’ll find inside this program has been proven out over millions in direct B2B sales for our alumni.

A proven system developed by a REAL (day-in day-out) hands-on expert

To say Isaac Anderson is passionate about B2B lead generation would be an understatement. It’s all he does. Day-in and Day-out he produces high quality leads for his clients. And he accomplishes this using LinkedIn.

You should know Isaac didn’t start his marketing journey by specializing in LinkedIn.

As a marketing director for an agency, he focused on SEO and PPC to attract leads for his company.

But in 2011, he discovered the wide-open opportunity that exists on LinkedIn. A few years after validating his suspicion that LinkedIn was indeed a faster and more cost efficient way to attract leads… he went all-in and founded his LinkedIn lead generation agency - Zeeko.

Since then, Isaac has done nothing but focus on building high value LinkedIn lead generation machines for his clients.

Isaac’s results are extraordinary to say the least.

But, what’s really remarkable is how efficient and manageable his system is. After seeing this system, I knew I had to share it with my students.

So, last year Isaac created the first version of Linked Jumpstart. Version 1.0 reached 100s of students and helped them achieve their own impressive results.

I contacted about 100 people, got to chat with about 20, had a phone call with 5 and won 2 new clients in just one week. 

Dimitri Vogel

After implementing Issac's Linked Jumpstart system, I landed a new client right away, and I've had inbound leads coming my way ever since.

Logan MAstiriana

Yet, here’s the thing about Isaac. He's a bit of a perfectionist. And earlier this year he said to me:

“There’s a lot of new developments on LinkedIn, do you mind if I update the course?” Of course I said, “Yes! Please!”

Wouldn’t you know it, that small update turned into a thorough upgrade - Version 2.0.

I’ll show you exactly what you’ll find inside this brand new program in just a minute.

But first, let me share how this program can completely transform your lead generation process.

What life looks like after Linked Jumpstart 2.0

  • You have a system you can rely on to bring in new clients consistently.
  • You know how much you can expect your lead generation efforts to pay out… down to the value of every connection you make.
  • You have a strategy to generate immediate name and brand recognition with the clients you’ve dreamed of pursuing. (No more waiting for them to find you!)
  • Inbound leads and traffic to your site increases.
  • Your lead gen efforts are focused and structured... lead gen no longer interferes with running your business.
  • You know the outcomes the1-hour a day you spend on lead gen will yield. (No more hoping for results.)

Here’s what you’ll find inside Linked Jumpstart 2.0

Linked Jumpstart 2.0 Includes 11 online training modules, 14 time saving resources, and 5 Bonus live support sessions.

Here’s what you’ll experience inside this one-of-a-kind program:

Module #1

Getting Started

  • LinkedIn Sales Roadmap: The roadmap that shows you EXACTLY what to do at every step in the LinkedIn lead gen process. From logging into LinkedIn to money in the bank…. This guide eliminates all the guesswork. And It gives you a proven action plan that when executed will deliver new top-end clients like clockwork.
  • Overcoming Expected Challenges: Why LinkedIn lead gen will reveal the TRUTH about your business. AND how to use this litmus test to build your sales funnel so it converts like it never has before.
  • Are You in the Penalty Box?: Why people end up in the LinkedIn penalty box. How to avoid this problem. (And how to get back on good terms quickly if you do get tagged with a penalty.)
  • Competitive Intelligence: The fast and free way to gain competitive intelligence worth thousands of dollars. And how to use that intel to attract new leads.
  • Unlocking Profiles with LIONS: Leapfrog your way into your top prospects’ inner circle. (This simple strategy will put all your target clients in-network almost immediately.)

Module #2

Lead Generation Strategies

  • Direct-Connect: The one technique that will transform your ability to grow a valuable business network. It will put you in the driver’s seat. It will allow you to hand-pick your clients and become their trusted advisor. It can even help you recruit referral partners or attract investors. Mastering this technique will take you places those who choose to stay inside the cubicle walls will never be invited.
  • ProFinder: The little known program you can use to get LinkedIn to send you ready-to-buy leads.... Along with the exact steps you need to follow to get accepted to this program. (Most service providers get rejected.) And a live demo that shows how to turn the leads LinkedIn sends you into sales calls with just a single message.
  • Mining Job Posts: How to turn LinkedIn Job posts into service contracts.
  • Listening Stations: The search-device that can help you find new ready-to-take-action leads on LinkedIn in seconds - every day!
  • Remarketing and Lookalike Audiences: How to use your LinkedIn network to create remarketing and lookalike audiences. (You can use this simple hack to create advertising lists for both physical products and services.)
  • Linked + Email Marketing: LinkedIn and email go together like PB&J. How, when, and why to email your leads... without violating LinkedIn terms of service. And, how to make certain your emails are well received by your prospects.
  • Local Events: The slick way to use live events to rapidly build your LinkedIn network and bypass awkward business card or contact info exchanges.
  • Starting with an Email List: A reverse-lookup hack that allows you to find your email contacts on LinkedIn and move them into your lead gen funnel.

Module #3

Account Set-up

  • Account types: The key to choosing the account type that gives the most bang for your buck… and… how to get access to the LinkedIn lead gen features most people overlook.
  • Account Settings: How to position your account so LinkedIn generates FREE PR on your behalf and promotes you to your prospects. And the one thing you need to do to make sure you can track visits from LinkedIn to your website accurately.
  • Sales Navigator: A quick hack for getting Sales Navigator to find and recommend leads for you.
  • Public Profile Settings: The secret to turning your LinkedIn page into a search indexed, branded client-attraction-machine.
  • Audience Insight Tag: The sneaky FREE trick that will allow you to see which prospects check out your website. (See the job title and company name of people who click through to your site… so you can optimize your site to help you close these clients, or follow up on LinkedIn with your most engaged prospects.)
  • Which Inbox should you use: How to use “inbox intel” to increase engagement.

Module #4

Identifying Your Target Audience

  • Your LinkedIn AMO: Load your messages with the AMO that will make your outreach smooth, enticing and effective.
  • The Money Connection Matrix: The lead-qualification matrix that will set up all your outreach campaigns for success.

Module #5

Creating a Profitable Lead List

  • Estimating The Value Of Your List: How to use our calculator to estimate the value of your lead list so you KNOW how many sales you can generate before you even start your campaigns.
  • Search Overview: The key to quickly building a hyper targeted list of prospects you can connect with on LinkedIn.
  • Mastering Boolean: 5 Search-within-a-search, time-saving list building hacks! And how to work around normal LinkedIn search limitations.
  • Account Search: When to build your lead list using an account search instead of a person search. And, the account based search trick that turns company lists into high value lead lists (in minutes.)
  • Lead Search: How to avoid the common mistakes that can screw up your lead list and tank your conversion rate.
  • Lead And Account Lists: Shortcuts that will allow you to zero in on your best prospects and increase your sales.
  • Do Not Contact Template: The template that will save you from the embarrassment of accidentally re-prospecting current clients.
  • Creating Your Prospecting List: A live walkthrough on how to build your MOST targeted prospecting list. (Following the steps in this lesson will help you find the absolute best prospects to connect with on LinkedIn while saving tens of hours.)
  • Unlimited Search In Free Accounts: The clever way to get unlimited free LinkedIn searches.

Module #6

Profile Optimization

  • Your Profile’s Role In Sales: 2 types of profile optimizations you NEED to make to attract the most leads (inbound and outbound).
  • Profile Features Overview: How to announce that you're “open for business” on LinkedIn so that you’ll attract more bottom-of-funnel leads.
  • Optimizing For Inbound Leads: 4 profile optimizations you must make if you want to rank in search and get inbound leads. (And... how to KNOW if leads are finding you from LinkedIn search.)
  • Optimizing For Prospecting: The 3-second “attention grabber” profile optimization. AND… The #1 thing you MUST do with your profile to get your prospects to leave LinkedIn and visit your website so you can drive more conversions. (It is as simple as showing off your best work in the right places.)
  • The Company Optimization Page: Why continuity between your profile and company page is CRITICAL to lead gen success… AND, how to create that synergy. Also, how to optimize your company page to rank for the right searches.

Module #7

Planning the Conversation

  • Adaptive LinkedIn Etiquette: Three guiding rules for sending messaging that pass the “friend” test.
  • QuAD Messaging Framework: The framework that will help you find out what your prospect really wants so that your CTA is smooth and easy to deliver, AND you avoid awkward or mistimed sales pitches. Use this Framework and you’ll always come off as one of the Good Gals/Guys.
  • Connection Request Messages: How to use the CVC method to get your connection requests accepted… and… the ONE go-to message strategy that will make your prospects excited to connect with you.
  • Voice and Video Messages: The shortcut to building TRUST in your outreach messages. Also, the RIGHT and WRONG way (as well as the RIGHT and WRONG time) to use video in your messages.
  • Your Message Sequence: The method behind creating a copy-paste messaging sequence that’s easy to deliver… matches your target audiences’ desires... AND... can be adapted to any conversation.
  • Campaign Playbook: A complete action plan you can follow step-by-step to build your outreach campaigns.

Module #8

How Campaigns Work

  • Automation & Scraping: The pros and cons of automated tools…. And the BEST way to scale your success without violating LinkedIn’s user agreement.
  • CRM Integration: How and when to add prospects to your CRM (and the shortcuts you can use to make this process seamless.)
  • Macros Cheat: The secret to using “white hat” automation on LinkedIn, without sacrificing quality.
  • Campaign Calendar: THE tool that will help you stay on track and execute your outreach campaigns in under an hour a day.
  • KPI Tracking Setup: A Done-for-You template that will help you track your MOST critical LinkedIn metrics. This template will save you from getting distracted by vanity metrics AND keep you focused on managing your campaigns to deliver revenue.
  • Cost per Acquisition: The strategy and hard-numbers that will help you lower your CPA so you can increase your profitability.
  • Campaign Launch Checklist: Your fail-safe, “make 100% certain your ready to launch” checklist.

Module #9

Campaign Launch

  • Connecting: Prime your connection requests to increase your acceptance rates. And how to hit the sweet-spot between speed and quality when you send out connection requests.
  • Messaging New Connections: Message-efficiency tactics that keep you fast yet effective, and maximize your touch points with new prospects.
  • Replies, Objections, and CTAs: The filter you should use to make sure your leads never fall through the cracks. How to get conversations unstuck. And the “conversion message” you should NEVER forget to send.
  • Staying Top of Mind: The one-click actions you can take on LinkedIn that will double to triple your conversion rate.
  • When to Use InMail: When and how you can use InMail to fast track the lead gen process. (And the trick to getting credits back for every InMail you send so these messages don’t cost you anything extra).

Module #10

Campaign Optimization

  • KPI Driven Reports: Using the Linked Jumpstart KPI Template to make your reporting quick, easy, and actionable.
  • Campaign Optimization: How to benchmark your campaigns and make data-driven adjustments to improve your results. Why your outcomes will change as your campaign matures. And, the supporting assets you can use to increase the conversion rate of your sales funnel.


Building an In-house team

  • Options to Consider as You Grow: A 2X2 decision map that will help you figure out the right way to scale your lead generation process for YOUR business.
  • Setting Expectations: The RAW truth about the benefits and pitfalls of hiring team members to scale your LinkedIn lead gen.    
  • Hiring Roadmap: 4-Steps to get your employee(s) ready to run your outreach campaigns. The one thing you should NEVER let your employees do with your LinkedIn account. And the "virtual" solution that will help you avoid this problem.
  • Training Documentation: The onboarding template that will help your employee(s) maintain or improve your results... (instead of killing your progress). Also, how to outsource your lead gen tasks in a way that will allow you to get the most out of your budget.
  • Interviewing and Hiring: Pros and Cons of how and who you hire. The key to your interview process... and what to write in your job description.
  • Training and Quality Control: 2 types of training to do with your new hires. Also, 5 quality control actions that will improve performance and energize your team.


14 Done-For-You REsources

  • LinkedIn Sales Roadmap
  • AMO Doc
  • Money Client Matrix
  • Do NOT contact Template
  • KPI Reporting Tamplate
  • QuAD Framework
  • Message Map
  • Campaign Playbook
  • Connection Macro
  • 1st Degree Macro
  • Campaign Calendar
  • Campaign Launch Checklist
  • In-house Onboarding template
  • Team Campaign Calendar


The 6-Day LinkedIn Challenge

  • Lifetime Access to The 6-Day LinkedIn Challenge: The video recordings of the 6-Day challenge include live  walkthroughs and real-world examples.
  • In-depth and Unscripted Q&As: During these valuable Q&As, you’ll hear Isaac’s specific solutions to students’ LinkedIn lead gen problems.
  • 6-Days and 5  Milestones: Each challenge session includes an assignment that will help build the core components of your Lead Gen Machine in real-time. You can use the challenge to test your skills and fast track your progress.


The 0-Dollar CRM Workshop

  • Build A Customized CRM: Sick of paying high monthly fees for rigid and overcomplicated sales software? In this recorded workshop, you’ll learn how to use two tools (Airtable and Zapier) to build a custom Client Relationship Manager (CRM) that fits your exact needs.

Who should join Linked Jumpstart 2.0?

This program contains a depth of information that can make any marketer more successful.

Yet, there are businesses that are more suited to the Linked Jumpstart system than others. So, let me share who this program works best for:

  • You sell business-to-business, and your services or products are high-value (In excess of $1,000 per average contract.)
  • You’re a freelancer, consultant, or agency that needs more high quality leads.
  • You don’t have time to work on every lead gen tactic under the sun…. You want one solution you can chip away at everyday and see results.
  • You want to control your lead generation process and not be self-reliant on Gig Platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, or Toptal.
  • Rather than waiting around and hoping your ideal clients find you… you want to go-direct to those clients, have friendly conversations with them, and find out what they need.
  • You have or will have a sales process to close the leads you produce from LinkedIn.
  • You’re willing to follow the methods in the program and adapt the system Isaac shares with you to your business.

Who shouldn’t join Linked Jumpstart?

If you’re just super curious about how to increase the value of your network… or you want to learn a few tricks that will make your advertising or analytics more powerful, I'd love to have you join. But keep in mind this program focuses on helping folks who sell high-ticket B2B services or products.

Why wait in line for your BEST clients? Instead, take the direct and immediate action that will get their attention, earn their trust, and win their business!

After you join Linked Jumpstart, you’ll have immediate access to the training modules. So you can:

  • Jump into module 4, and start to fill out your AMO doc so you know how to target your audience.
  • Use Module 5 to build a lead list and estimate the value of that list.
  • Dig into Module 6 and optimize your profile so you’re ready to attract new clients.
  • Delve into Module 9 so you can map out your first campaign.

You can also download all of the resources, including the KPI spreadsheet, Campaign Playbook, and Money Matrix Evaluator.

And, as a member of Linked Jumpstart… you never have to worry about rushing to keep up with everything because you have lifetime access to the entire program.

You can go through everything at your own pace, or simply jump to the training and resources you need to start generating results right away!

“But wait! Hasn’t B2B marketing changed in the past year? Will clients really respond to me or seek me out on LinkedIn?”

Sure, times have changed. Yet, in a lot of ways the changes have made connecting with clients and having sales conversations easier. In many cases, businesses no longer have the time or budget to waste on hiring and training.

They need a solution that can help them hit their numbers NOW!

More importantly, now more than ever, people are willing to have conversations about their needs. By being part of those conversations… and providing solutions… you can endear yourself to your prospects and become their champion.

Here’s what students Just Like you have to say about Linked Jumpstart:

Just awesome lessons!!!!

Moses Thien

Isaac's course is a great resource whether you're completely new with LinkedIn or if you have been using it for a while without fully leveraging it.


Surely Isaac has in-depth knowledge about Linkedin and he can teach you how to use it better. I think his true value lies in simplifying Human B2B conversations to a lead converting process.


If you are like me and struggling to figure out a way to go about lead generation, and you’re a service provider, agency or smaller, this is the ABSOLUTELY BEST COURSE for being proactive at generating leads. If you like a personal approach to sales then this is definitely the course for you.


"What you and Jeff do is life changing. It doesn't just make you a few bucks. 

Clarence Ling

A really fantastic course to master LinkedIn. Isaac was extremely helpful... The value provided in the course is unreal.

Andrew Semaan

... amazing, simple yet powerful course. I am so blown away by the content shared in the lessons. 

Eddie Robles

Hey Guys, Love your training videos they are great.

James Hayward

“Isn’t this going to cost me a small fortune?”

At this point, you might be wondering how many thousands this program is going to cost. After all, this is a system that helps cut out all the lead gen busy work and attract your ideal clients, one after another.

And this program covers everything from building your LinkedIn lead gen machine to tracking you KPIs to scaling your success. It even shows you how to integrate with other platforms so your wins keep multiplying.

Essentially, Linked Jumpstart 2.0 is like the Funny Car of business development programs… ZERO TO LEADS in under an hour a day.

Considering the value of the clients Linked Jumpstart helps you attract, it would be fair to charge $8,000 to $9,000 for this program.

BUT… today, you won't have to pay anywhere near those prices.

Plus, you'll get access to four bonuses that help you execute your new lead gen system quickly so your investment pays for itself right out of the gate.

If you're ready stop waiting for the right clients to find you, and instead go after the dream clients you really want to land... then now's the perfect time to Join Linked Jumpstart!

Linked Jumpstart


  • 10 Core Modules of the Linked Jumpstart 2.0 System (Value $1999)
  • Bonus: 14 Done-For-You Resources (Value $1,400)
  • Bonus: Build A Team To Scale Your Lead Machine Masterclass (Value $499)
  • Bonus: The 6-Day "Test Your Lead Gen Skills" Challenge (Value $199)
  • Bonus: 0-Dollar CRM Workshop (Value $199)
  • Total Value: Together the masterclass plus all bonuses have a value of $4,296. You get it all for just 1 payment of $1999!


Our 60 Day Limited Refund Policy

Join today, we are here to support your continued learning. If within 60 days of purchase, you've watched all the Linked Jumpstart Course videos, followed the SOPs, used our support channels to get help, attended the live calls, and put an hour a day into your efforts - but you still haven't generated a lead, then we'll happily work with you to get you the training you need or refund your Linked Jumpstart Course purchase. See our complete refund policy.

How about other industry experts and service providers? What do they think of Isaac Anderson’s Linked Jumpstart System?

Isaac is AMAZING at aligning your products and services with would be key decision makers via LinkedIn! I have worked closely over the past five years to double my revenue year over year for the past four consecutive years with no slowing in sight. Isaac and his solutions are spot on...

Stacy Clark

I cannot recommend Isaac enough. His knowledge, systems, processes, and overall utilization of LinkedIn stand alone... His ability to take a tool (LinkedIn), and make it meaningful, personal and revenue driving is impressive.

Michael Stephens

I had no idea how to unlock Linkedin's potential until I spoke with Isaac. He's truly an expert at helping people use Linkedin to grow their network in a way that drives high quality relationships and sales. He's passionate about helping people and does a great job. Take whatever he says seriously.

Michael LaMont

Isaac knows what he's doing. He's effective, knowledgeable, and goes beyond what's expected of him. He underpromises and overdelivers and I would not hesitate for a second to recommend him to my friends and family.

Sam Werner

Isaac is the Man. He's knows more about LinkedIn than LinkedIn does. I am super impressed and grateful for his diligence and professionalism .... He's passionate about the sales process and adding value to his clients. I would recommend him highly to anyone...

Chris Batz

Isaac has a been extremely helpful in educating me how to better market my business digitally and better understand how to fill our sales funnel with the right type of leads. I would recommend Isaac to anyone that wants to grow their business and generate quality leads for their sales team.

Pete Caltabiano

Isaac's proficient knowledge and skills with Linkedin have helped my Wholesale/Insurance Agency overcome obstacles due to the niche that we specialize in. His craft for marketing and unique tools have grown my network threefold and assisted my overall SEO and blogging campaign. I would recommend him to any business owner large, medium or small.

Michael Cohen

We haven't known Isaac for very long but after a short time with him you see how brilliant he is. He is very smart at his skill and above all of that he has a very high integrity level. He truly cares about clients and prospects and has a desire to help people. If you are looking for LinkedIn expertise, I highly recommend him as an expert resource.

Joe Freeman

I love working with Isaac! He is always so helpful and responds quickly when you have a question. He is so knowledgeable about LinkedIn and has helped me understand the best ways to communicate and create new business relationships using LinkedIn. I would not hesitate to recommend Isaac to anyone wanting to unlock the powers of this tool.

Kara Rainer

Isaac is one of those rare finds in the LinkedIn profession. I have known & worked with Isaac since 2012 and have learned so much from him. 

Chad Nichols

Isaac Anderson is one of those marketers that makes the craft become something more than just marketing. He provides a fun and inspiring work ethic and expertise. There are no nonessentials, no frills, just hard work and rock solid strategy when you work with Isaac. He's all about results and making his clients earn big returns. Working with Isaac means you'll get a huge boost in energy and real results wherever his attention is focused.

Joshua Godsey

In my industry we have a long sales cycle, so it can take six months to close deals. But... I was getting hot leads right away and closed my first deal four weeks after starting which is phenomenal in my industry.

Dan Millican


I’ve tried LinkedIn before, will this work for me?

If you’ve tried LinkedIn before and failed then chances are your approach will be vastly improved after completing Linked Jumpstart. By taking Linked Jumpstart you’ll have a proven process that works time after time. The course is backed by 60-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

When will I see results from my LinkedIn lead generation efforts?

As long as you follow the Linked Jumpstart process you’ll be able to generate more leads for your business, and track your results. However, closing a client deal will always be dependent on your business development skills and the services you offer.

Do I need any special software or tools to use the Linked Jumpstart system?

All you need to follow this program is a LinkedIn account.

We recommend investing in a LinkedIn Sales Navigator account to maximize the efficiency and the results of the methods you'll learn. But throughout the course, we also show you how to leverage a basic ("free") LinkedIn account.  


I've seen other LinkedIn programs, what's different about this?

This is the only program that uses the Linked Jumpstart process to systematize LinkedIn Lead Generation Campaigns and effectively track your Key Performance Indicators.

How much time do I need to spend every week on the course?

You should plan to spend at least 5 hours per week on your lead generation efforts. Of course, the more time you spend the better your results will be.  

 Turn lead generation into the strength that grows your business for years to come...

If lead generation is one of your biggest headaches - Linked Jumpstart 2.0 is the easy answer.

Stop killing yourself running on the content marketing treadmill.

Stop obsessing over whether you should post more on social media.

Stop throwing money at ads that won’t reach your best audience.

Stop sending cold emails into the never-to-be-opened abyss.

Stop getting intercepted by gatekeepers.

Skip all the garbage tactics that eat up the best hours of your day while producing minuscule results.

Instead, go-direct to the clients you really want to attract.

Start having meaningful conversations with those clients.

Become someone they KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST.

And, ultimately convert more deals!

If that sounds good to you, join Linked Jumpstart 2.0…

... And turn lead gen into one of your biggest strengths.

Linked Jumpstart


  • 10 Core Modules of the Linked Jumpstart 2.0 System (Value $1999)
  • Bonus: 14 Done-For-You Resources (Value $1,400)
  • Bonus: Build A Team To Scale Your Lead Machine Masterclass (Value $499)
  • Bonus: The 6-Day "Test Your Lead Gen Skills" Challenge (Value $199)
  • Bonus: 0-Dollar CRM Workshop (Value $199)
  • Total Value: Together the masterclass plus all bonuses have a value of $4,296. You get it all for just 1 payment of $1999!


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