Get started with the Linked Challenge today, and:

  • Build the core components of a high converting LinkedIn lead gen machine
  • Discover the outreach formula that will spark your prospects curiosity and make them excited to connect with you
  • Learn how to go all the way from LinkedIn connection request to sales call... in just one message sequence
  • Make more progress with lead gen in 6 days than you will all year

I was able to get interested replies from some international brands like BMW. Before I used to break down the door with my offer in the invite request and got slammed the door, so WOW, this actually works! Awesome!


Data Driven has trained digital marketers in over 1,000 organizations, including:

Gain immediate momentum with your lead generation and B2B sales

Would you rather fantasize about the perfect lead gen system you’ll put in place someday?

Or, get into action… start implementing your system from day-1… make new connections by day-2… start to qualify your leads by day-3… and progress to mutually desirable sales conversations by days 4, 5 and 6?

If you’re more interested in meaningful action than perfection, the 6-day LinkedIn Lead Challenge is for you!

In this 6-day workshop, LinkedIn expert, Isaac Anderson will share the core components of his high-conversion lead gen system.

During each day of the Challenge, he’ll show you how to implement a piece of his system. And he’ll give you a corresponding “assignment” to execute.

Instead of just following along with the lessons, you’ll take action on everything you learn.

If you’re ready to build momentum with lead generation and sales now - the 6-Day Challenge is the most direct way to do it.

Here’s what you’ll do in the 6-Day Challenge

Use the “Targeting Cheatsheet” to pinpoint your best audience and build your LinkedIn lead list

Execute the CVC method and start connecting with your ideal prospects

Fill out your Messaging Map using the QuAD Framework so that you’re ready to advance the conversation and qualify your leads

Use your messaging sequence to follow up with any new connections you haven’t qualified yet so you can fill your pipeline with new leads 

Send the important prompts that will help you take the conversation off LinkedIn and schedule your sales calls 

Bring all the parts of your new lead gen process together and maintain your momentum

6 Workshop Recordings | 3 Bonus Resources | 6 Hours of Video Content

Who is this course for?

  • Freelancers looking for a fast and direct way to land more clients
  • Agency owners who want to attract more leads
  • B2B salespeople who want to build a LinkedIn lead gen process

Who shouldn’t take this course?

  • Marketers and entrepreneurs who don’t sell business-to-business
  • Anyone who’s not open to using outbound marketing to generate leads


Six days to new leads and sales calls

I moved a prospect to my CRM and I've had two phone calls and two emails answered. Beyond LinkedIn.


About The Instructor

Isaac Anderson

Hi, I am Isaac. I started my journey as a LinkedIn lead generation expert back in 2011.

After years as director of operations for a full service marketing agency, I decided to go niche and specialize in LinkedIn lead generation.

While most service providers will focus on Google and Facebook to generate leads, I decided to focus exclusively on LinkedIn. I saw how LinkedIn could empower businesses to control their own lead generation process and set their own rules.

Today LinkedIn is the #1 social network for serious business professionals...

And after years of trial-and-error, I discovered a proven process on how to use LinkedIn to generate leads for high-ticket services without wasting hours of time in the process. Inside this challenge, I'll show you how to execute every step inside this transformational lead and sales generation system.

linked challenge

Your action-focused guide to LinkedIn Lead Gen

Make more progress with Lead Gen in 6 Days than you will all year

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