Get started with FB Ads on a Budget today, and:

  • Turn the FB Ads algorithm into a “truffle-hunting piggy” that sniffs out customers and sales
  • Discover the dead-simple way to train Facebook Ads to deliver the outcomes you need within your budget
  • Get proven frameworks you can follow to produce high-quality ads in minutes

Absolutely brilliant masterclass... Thank you!!

Eddie Lee

Data Driven has trained digital marketers in over 1,000 organizations, including:

Is there a straightforward way to build low-maintenance FB Ads campaigns that produce consistent results?

You don’t have the budget to hire a fancy ad agency to run your FB campaigns.

You also don’t have the time to spend all day tinkering around in your ad account.

Yet, you want to need to tap into the massive customer acquisition opportunity that exists on Facebook.

Is there a way to get everything you want?

Is there a way to run simple, low maintenance ads campaigns on a budget that produce results?

The answer is yes... if you’re willing to do a little training.

You see, the Facebook Ads algorithm is like a truffle-hunting pig. Only, instead of hunting fungi, it can track down and deliver customers.

But, your Facebook piggy needs some guidance to be successful.

You have to put it on the scent and point it in the right direction before it can go to work for you.

You also have to give it enough space to run free. At the same time, you need to set boundaries that prevent it from making off with your money.

How do you achieve this delicate balance between control, direction, and freedom?

Well, once again there’s a bit of training involved.

And, if you’re up for it…

... In this two-hour course, you’ll learn how to build ad campaigns that run around Facebook, sniff out your customers, and deliver them to you, on budget

Here’s what you’ll discover in this course:

Ad Writing

Four proven frameworks that will make writing new ads fast and fun while helping you create enticing ad copy

Ad Creative

How to quickly source ad creative that will stop the scroll and earn engagement

Campaign Structure and Budget

The trick to getting Facebook to optimize for the outcomes you want within your budget

Audience Targeting

A set of rules you can use to train Facebook’s algorithm to find and deliver your best customers

4 Modules | 2 Bonus Workshops Recordings | 1 Ready-Made Resources | 3 hours of Video Content

Who is this course for?

  • Novice Advertisers who want a proven game plan they can follow to run their campaigns with confidence
  • Experienced advertisers seeking a repeatable process that delivers results while reducing management time
  • Marketing managers who want to manage ad campaigns, but don’t want to be logged into Facebook 24/7

Who shouldn’t take this course?

  • Expert Advertisers who already know how to train Facebook’s algorithm
  • Anyone seeking a comprehensive Facebook Ads guide (Check out Facebook Ads Mastery instead)
  • Data Driven Insiders (Insiders already have access to this content!)


Your quick-start guide to building simple, yet powerfully effective Facebook Ad campaigns

Focused and easy to digest. Thanks

Yakov Pesah

About The Instructor

Logan Mastrianna

Logan is Data Driven’s Chief Advertiser. He’s best known for keeping his sleeves rolled up, and his eyes on the ad spend. Over the past year, his straightforward techniques have skyrocketed Data Driven’s Facebook Ads ROI.

In this brand new course, Logan will take you inside the Data Driven Facebook Ads process. He’ll show you end-to-end how the sausage is made. And, he’ll walk you through how to implement the system he’s used to turn Facebook Ads into a profit center for our organization.


Make Facebook Ads easy again!

Discover how to train the FB Ads machine to deliver customers on autopilot

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