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What is the Platinum Insiders?

To be honest, we just copied most of the strategies, and it helped us to create a foundation to become Estonias top AdWords agency in only 10 months. So, money well spent :)

Andres Ruul

Platinum Insiders is an exclusive membership community for Business Owners, Freelancers, and Entrepreneurs. Our Platinum members get access to everything in our Gold membership... as well as our Business Building programs and resources.

These programs will help you attract more clients, make your business more profitable, and 80/20 your time. Join Platinum Insiders and discover the business growth secrets of the most successful marketing professionals today!

The Data Driven Business Builders

project apollo

The 12-Step Game Plan You Can Follow to Position Your Business as an In-Demand Market Leader

  • Build the 5-year profit plan (backed by real data) that will guide your business to your ultimate goals  
  • Discover and design the Cornerstone Concept that will set your business apart from the competition and captivate your target clients
  • Create and execute the digital media plan that will grow your business for years to come 

linked jumpstart 2.0

Your "Journey Map" to landing the best clients in any industry

  • Fill your pipeline with qualified leads in under 60 minutes a day
  • Learn the "no spam", "no ad" method behind high ticket sales
  • Turn cold conversations into real leads while building your reputation

agency jumpstart

A real-world guide on how to build a highly profitable service based business (taught by someone who's actually done It!)

  • The six revenue engines all agency owners must understand how to leverage
  • How to find your agency's lead generation superpower so you always attract more business than you need
  • The keys to spotting and avoiding the temptations that sabotage most up-and-coming agencies

sales jumpstart

A battle-tested organic lead generation and deal-closing system

  • Proven lead generation tactics that require zero cold prospecting
  • A client-relationship building system that positions you as a long-term, high-value ally
  • Step-by-step strategies that will increase your revenue from existing clients
  • Proven proposal templates that will help you close more deals and save you hours of work

Business Strategy Bootcamps

Agency Lead Gen Bootcamp

A crash course on generating leads for your consulting, freelancing, or agency business

  • Build your lead generation Master Plan using our Data Driven Agency Growth Model
  • Leverage the "Cornerstone Content Strategy" to attract the right kind of clients to your business
  • Discover how to pack the top of your sales funnel with new leads
  • Use the niche formula to position your agency as an industry leader

Agency Survival Bootcamp

A crash course on how to survive and thrive in the face of economic uncertainty

  • Techniques and strategies for finding growth areas during a bear market
  • A guide to financially sustaining your business through tough times so you can survive long enough to ride the next wave of growth
  • Strategies for getting a head start on the growth opportunities that will lead the way in the new economy
  • Best for service providers and agency owners who want to recession-proof their businesses

Linked Outreach Bootcamp

A crash course on building an organic (zero ad spend/zero spam) B2B lead generation system using LinkedIn

  • Create a laser targeted list of people you can actually connect with who match your ideal client profile
  • Build an outreach campaign that leverages our structured (30 to 45 minutes per-day) process
  • Use the QUAD method to develop mutually valuable relationships with key decision makers 
  • Discover how to measure, track, and achieve your outreach KPIs so you hit your sales goals

Lead Matching

At Data Driven, businesses come to us all the time seeking help with their advertising, analytics, and SEO. But we don’t provide services. So, we refer those leads to the members in our Lead Matching Directory.

As a Platinum Insider, you’ll get preference in this directory. And anytime a lead comes in matching your expertise and qualifications, we’ll refer them you’re way!

I'm kicking off an Analytics project with a company I was matched with in DD Insiders...

I wanted to say "Thank You" to you and your team for making the connection :)

Kyle Akerman

Expert Guidance and Support

Every week, you’ll have the opportunity to get guidance from our founder, Agency Growth Expert, Jeff Sauer.

Have a question about a client, goal setting, financial management, or a technique you learned in one of our programs?

Simply submit your question through our member’s only direct line... and Jeff will record a personalized video response for you. No red tape, or weeks waiting for a response. Get your most pressing questions answered right away from a legit expert. 

Get expert answers to your most urgent questions using your Insiders monthly direct line consultation.

Plus… You'll get Everything That's included in our Gold Membership

Marketing Skill Accelerators

  • Google Analytics Mastery
  • Google Ads Mastery
  • Tag Manager Mastery
  • Data Studio Mastery
  • FB Ads Bootcamp
  • Google Ads Bootcamp


  • Masterclasses with advertising, analytics, SEO, and business growth experts
  • The latest strategies, tactics, and operating processes from active market leaders
  • Updates and timely perspectives on platform changes and market shifting technologies

40 + Framework
& Templates

  • Budget And Profit Calculators
  • Client Pitch Decks
  • Reporting Templates
  • Advertising Frameworks
  • And More!

Over $13,000 worth of business building systems, frameworks, and resources - Yes - All That (And More) Is Included In Your Insiders Platinum Membership


monthly PLAN


per month

  • Client Attraction and Sales Systems
  • Profit Planning Templates
  • Lead Matching
  • 1-to-1 Expert Guidance
  • Marketing Skill Accelerators

Safe and Secure SSL Encrypted




per annual

  • Client Attraction and Sales Systems
  • Profit Planning Templates
  • Lead Matching
  • 1-to-1 Expert Guidance
  • Marketing Skill Accelerators
  • Extra Savings - pay annually, and save an extra $593

Safe and Secure SSL Encrypted

Risk-Free Insider Guarantee

Come and enjoy your Insiders membership for the next 30-days. If, after 30-days, you’re not blown away by the value of this membership, you’re free to cancel. We'll courteously refund the remainder of your annual membership fee. Also, both monthly and annual members are always free to cancel their membership before their next payment.


Which training programs (online courses) are included in my Platinum membership?

There following is included in your Platinum Insider’s membership package:

Four Business Building programs:

Project Apollo, Linked Jumpstart, Agency Jumpstart, and Sales Jumpstart

Three Business Strategy Crash Courses:

Agency Lead Gen Bootcamp, Agency Survival Bootcamp, Linked Outreach Bootcamp

Plus you get all the skill accelerators that are included with our Gold Membership:

Google Ads Mastery, Google Analytics Mastery, Tag Manager Mastery, Data Studio Mastery, FB Ads Bootcamp, and Google Ads Bootcamp.

Also you get access to the recordings of all our Masterclasses, Guest Expert Workshops, templates, and resources.

How often will new material be released?

We release new trainings, masterclasses, and resources every month. Part of the privilege of being a Platinum Insider is that you’ll always get immediate access to these new materials when they’re released. And you'll be notified via our Insiders-only newsletter any time a new training, masterclass or resource is released.

How do I submit my questions for Direct Line Consultations?

When you join, you'll receive access to our Insiders-only consultation submission form. You can use the form to provide the details of your questions. Then, we’ll answer questions as they come in.

We’ll include a reminder to submit your question in our Insiders newsletter every week. And as long as you submit your question before the cut off that week, you’ll get an answer the following week.

What happens if I cancel my membership?

If you choose to cancel your membership, you’ll lose access to your Insiders Only resources, as well as our Direct Line consultations, and our consultation archives. You’ll also lose access to any training courses or resources you didn’t previously purchase outright.

We understand changes and unforeseen circumstances come up. So if you need to cancel your membership, you always have the option to do so before your next monthly or annual payment.

BUT… with everything that’s coming your way over the next few months, we doubt you’ll ever want to leave the Data Driven Insiders. Today is just the beginning. Over the next few months, we have a wealth of new masterclasses and resources coming your way.

So, join us today. And buckle up, because it’s going to be a fast and fun ride!

Get the systems and resources that will allow your business to grow and thrive… (while others are simply trying to survive)


monthly PLAN


per month

  • Client Attraction and Sales Systems
  • Profit Planning Templates
  • Lead Matching
  • 1-to-1 Expert Guidance
  • Marketing Skill Accelerators
  • Monthly Masterclasses

Safe and Secure SSL Encrypted




per annual

  • Client Attraction and Sales Systems
  • Profit Planning Templates
  • Lead Matching
  • 1-to-1 Expert Guidance
  • Marketing Skill Accelerators
  • Monthly Masterclasses
  • Extra Savings - pay annually, and save an extra $593

Safe and Secure SSL Encrypted

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