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  • Get action plans, checklists, and implementation guides for Google Analytics, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook Ads
  • Swipe our step-by-step plan for finding partners who will promote and grow your business with new audiences
  • Follow our detailed roadmap for producing a podcast that attracts all-star guests and increases your following

Jeff’s information and his process-approach rocks.

Marco Kramer

Data Driven has trained digital marketers in over 1,000 organizations, including:

The quickest path to results is a straight line proven plan

The great thing about digital marketing is there’s always something new to learn. And the hardest part of digital marketing is there’s always something new to learn.

Now, learning is great fun. After all, who doesn’t enjoy the occasional journey into the dopamine inducing abyss of YouTube? Or spending a few hours paging through the blogosphere?

“Today, I need to figure out campaign tracking. Let me peruse these 40 blog posts and videos and try to discern which one will help me.”

OK - So as much as gorging yourself on the content marketing buffet can be fun…

… more often than not, you just need to get the job done.

And the fastest way to get the job done correctly is NOT to piecemeal the top 4 search results into a frankensteinish solution. (This is why IKEA doesn’t tell you, “thanks for purchasing our furniture. But you’re on your own for assembly. Try surfing Google to see if anyone else knows how to put together this 80-piece closet organizer.)

Yes - every efficient business relies on instructions, plans, and process maps. Yours is likely no different.

However, if you’re trying to implement a new skill or operation, you don’t have your map yet.

Hey, here’s an idea… why not steal ours?

That's right!

At Data Driven, we document the things we do well. That way, anytime we need to replicate our work, we can turn to a reliable plan.

Today, we’re opening our portfolio of proven marketing processes to you.

Not only that… but you can grab these 10 go-to guides for less than the cost of the Audible subscription you forgot to cancel for the last three months.

So, for those high-energy days when you don’t want to waste 2 hours discovering that unfortunately, wikiHow provides what passes for the best possible free answer…

… Snag the Data Driven Process Pack and follow a proven path to the result you need!

Here’s what you’ll find in the Data Driven Process Pack

FB Ads Management Checklist

The daily, weekly and monthly tasks you need to follow to make sure your FB Ad campaigns hit their targets

The LinkedIn Outreach Daily Process and Checklist

7 daily steps (you can do in 30 minutes or less) that will help you while building a powerful network of clients and partners

The Campaign Tracking Checklist

A step-by-step process for tracking and reviewing all your marketing campaigns in Google Analytics

The Podcast Planning and Production Roadmap

A how-to plan for creating and producing a podcast from scratch

Google Analytics Setup and Optimization Checklist

The 25-step action based guide that details every step you NEED to follow to set up and optimize your Google Analytics account

The Outreach and Partnership Process

The exact process the Data Driven team uses to promote our content and connect with high-value partners

The 46-step FB Ads Set up and Implementation Checklist

A complete checklist for setting up Facebook Ads so that your tracking, targeting, and reporting is dialed in from the get-go

Google Analytics Content Grouping Setup Guide

The step-by-step plan that will help you make your content analysis faster, more clear, and more valuable

The YouTube Video Publishing Process

Use this action plan to develop new YouTube content and make sure you hit your publishing goals

Google Analytics Tagging Checklist

All the steps you need to make sure your site is tagged to collect the data that will power your marketing campaigns and give you valuable audience insights

10 Downloadable Marketing Action Plans

Who is the Process Pack for?

  • Marketers who want a set of reliable guides for common analytics, advertising, and content projects
  • Business owners who don’t have time to waste creating training or process guides for their team
  • Freelancers or Agency Owners looking for repeatable plans they can integrate into their business and use to expand or streamline their service offerings

Who shouldn’t get the Process Pack?

  • Marketers who would rather start from scratch on every new project
  • Data Driven Insiders (Insiders already have access to these assets!)

Data Driven Process Pack

Reliable digital marketing action plans that help you go from point-A to “Job done!”

I’ve used their templates to get my campaigns started and that alone has saved me hours of work. Their material is so thorough, so well organized it will inspire you to learn more and to think about how to improve the way you provide your own products and services.

Craig GRella

About The Instructor

Jeff Sauer

Hi, I’m Jeff Sauer, the founder of Data Driven. You might know me from my Google Analytics, Google Ads, or Facebook Ads training programs. OR maybe you caught one of the hundreds of data-driven marketing “How-to” videos I’ve published on YouTube.

This might sound trite, but I’ve done just about everything you can do in digital marketing over the years. Long ago, I started as a one-man band developing websites and databases for clients. Then, I helped build one of the fastest-growing digital advertising and analytics agencies in the world. (We received 5-straight Inc. 5000 awards).

After building out an agency, I decided to strike out on my own again. I traveled the world as a digital nomad while speaking at marketing conferences. At the same time, I created one of the most recognized blogs on analytics and advertising. My blog, YouTube content, and workshops led to multiple PPC Hero Influencer Awards.

Finally, I built my forever home - Data Driven. Data Driven is where all my training programs, resources, and content are accessible to the world.

During all my marketing adventures (and most of my success)... there was one thing that kept me efficient and sane. Processes. Whether it was a simple “Do this thing right now checklist” or a complete implementation guide... these plans are what allowed me to stay efficient and get the job done. Even today, I rely on my guides to help me manage, train, and work with team members spread across five different continents.

Now, for the first time, I am sharing 10 of my go-to process maps with you. I sincerely hope you gain as much time and income from these assets as I have!

The Data Driven Process Pack

Your go-to stash of proven digital marketing shortcuts 

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