Vc: Video Campaigns in Google Analytics (with Phil Pearce)

Phil Pearce, freelancing web analyst and wizard of all things Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, will be our guest host for this element. He shared about video campaigns in Google Analytics.

Video Campaigns in Google Analytics

ACQUISITION: The acquisition reports are what drew me to Google Analytics, and as we go through these Acquisition elements, you'll see there is good reason why. These reports are insightful and empowering for any marketer who is tasked with driving traffic to your website.

The first question that the reports answer: how did our website visitors find us?

We will learn about search traffic, referrals and direct visitors. If you have ever wondered what the terms in a traffic report means, then stay tuned. We also help you understand how you can make these reports much more useful using campaign tracking.

Video Campaigns in Google Analytics

VIDEO CAMPAIGNS: Performance of your cat video campaigns.

Video campaigns in Google Analytics allow you to track your videos performance. You can track the actions and event labels with tools like Google Tag Manager.

User interactions such as clicking on the play button can be tracked. Also, tracking scripts can be installed to check where your users are dropping off.

All these interactions can be used to create different segments and subsequently used for analysis.

As Phil suggested, in some instances, you can track if the bounce rate of a page is improved by embedding a new video. By tracking user interaction with the video, a correlation, or lack thereof, can be tracked.

Video Campaigns in Google Analytics

This pro tip is related to the example that Phil gave on improving bounce rate of a page.

If you have a video tracking script for a third party video player (YouTube, for example), make sure that the event is set to non-interactive. If you don't do that, the page view hit and video view hit will mess up the bounce rate.


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