Mc: Multi Channel Funnels Reports in Google Analytics

Today, we talk about Multi Channel Funnels Reports in Google Analytics.

Multi Channel Funnels Reports

CONVERSION: Conversion report is one of the four major reports in Google Analytics (Audience, Acquisition and Behavior being the others)

These reports help us answer the question: What is the purpose of my website?

If we can understand the answer to that question, then we can do good things with our analytics data. But it all starts with answering that question and then training Google Analytics to recognize when customers take favorable actions.

When we get this in place, we can start to understand how consumers make decisions as they traverse our website, and then use this data to do many powerful levels of analysis.

Multi Channel Funnels Reports

MULTI CHANNEL FUNNELS: Conversion is a team effort and your traffic sources are the players.

The multi channel funnels reports in Google Analytics let you see the path of a goal conversion. It tracks visitors who have been to the website more than once, and then becoming a goal conversion eventually.

It tracks where the visitor first discovered the website. The returning visitor may revisits via a different channel. And finally, the returning visitor made a goal conversion.

The key here is that visitors need to be coming back more than once. Cookies are usually used to track these visitors.

The report might be helpful for teasing out which of your advertising efforts are working effectively.

Included in this report are metrics such as assisted conversion and top conversion paths. We'll talk about these elements in future videos.

Multi Channel Funnels Reports

Intermediate to advanced. You'll need to get some configuration done to be able to generate the Multi Channel Funnels reports in Google Analytics.

Multi Channel Funnels Reports

You'll need to understand what is assisted conversion. And how it can benefit you.

Much like hockey or basketball, points are scored through group effort. Scoring points are usually made with assistance of other team members. Although the point is eventually scored by a single person (or channel, in our case), it is important to understand who else made it possible.

Yet, in our case, the assistance is not a goal conversion. It did not create any direct revenue. Nonetheless, we need understand the value of it.


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