Eo: Events Tracking in Google Analytics

Today, we talk about events tracking in Google Analytics.

site speed in Google Analytics

BEHAVIOR: What did a visitor do on our website?

Well, it turns out that they could have done a lot of things, and we can track most of them in Google Analytics.

One of the basic things to track is page views. And we can actually learn a lot from knowing which pages are being viewed, and how often.

For more advance tracking of visitors' activities and behavior, we'll need to do more configuration on Google Analytics.

Event tracking in Google Analytics

EVENTS: Beyond a pageview, understand what happens within your pages.

The more basic method Google Analytics tracks user interaction on your website is by tracking pageview. A pageview data is sent to Google Analytics every time a page is loaded. The process of loading is indicated by the spinning throbber on the web browser.

Events tracking in Google Analytics tracks more than that. It tracks user interactions such as a click on a link, a button, the play button on the video, and more.

You'll need to enable this feature to get it working. Some JavaScript code needs to be put into your website to track those interactions. Once an interaction is performed, the code will then send that data to Google Analytics.

This JavaScript code contains information on category, action, label, and value. You have the option to choose if you would like it to be an interaction hit or non-interaction hit.

The more common way to do this is with an onclick element in JavaScript. Otherwise, you can do it automatically with some scripts.

Event tracking in Google Analytics

Intermediate. Unlike tracking pageview, events tracking in Google Analytics doesn't work out of the box. There are some configuration needed.

Event tracking in Google Analytics

  1. Try automating the process. To keep things under control, I recommend automating the process. Things can get out of hand quickly once you have many events to track on your website.
  2. If you do automate, do it properly. Not setting it up correctly can mess up other reports as well. Metrics such as bounce rate can be affected. And also, don't overdo it.


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