Au: Active Users Report in Google Analytics (with Charles Farina)

Currently Manager, Digital Analytics at Analytics Pros, Charles Farina will be sharing with us his knowledge. Today's topic will be about active users report in Google Analytics.

Active users report in Google Analytics

AUDIENCE: The audience reports help us understand trends about our website visitors. Our web browser tells a lot about us, so website owners know your location, Internet service provider and more.

But the problem is that these reports don’t change very often. Trends are often measured over the course of months, and not days.

Active users report in Google Analytics

ACTIVE USERS: How many visitors were active on your site over a given period of time.

The active users report in Google Analytics helps you understand the retention rate of your website (or mobile app). It reports on how often visitor come back to your website over a certain time period.

You can set the time period as daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly, depending on your campaign needs.

The default setting is daily. And this simply measures: how many users are active on your website every day.

Charles showed us a neat way to understand the graphs plotted with different time periods. For example, you've plotted 2 different time periods: daily and monthly. The further away the graphs are from each other, the less your users are revisiting within those 2 time periods.

Active users report in Google Analytics

Intermediate. You'll need to make some setting adjustments based on what is relevant to your campaign.

Active users report in Google Analytics

Use advanced segments along with the active users report in Google Analytics. This allows you to see the effect of your active users on any data you're collecting on Google Analytics. You would be able to answer questions like: are users from email traffic more active than paid traffic, are engaged users more active than non-engaged users, and more.


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