Facebook Ads Lead Generation Reporting in Google Data Studio

Today, I want to share one of my favorite new creations with you – My Facebook Ads Leads Performance Dashboard.

Now, I’m not gonna lie… reporting is one of my least favorite tasks.

It ranks just behind organizing my sock drawer on the list of things I’m excited to do.

That said, the lead gen report I about to share with you actually has me fired up.

Here’s why…

As a Facebook advertiser, this report will show off all your most critical lead generation numbers, at both macro and micro leave, in a one-page easy to read dashboard.

And as a business owner, this dashboard allows me to instantly see if I am hitting my lead gen targets… without even logging into Ads Manager.

Let me show how this reporting template works and how it can save you hours of time, while also allowing you to keep an eye on your most important lead generation stats.

The Time-Saving Value of Data Studio Templates

There are a number of reasons Data Studio is the ideal tool for your advertising reports.

First and foremost, it allows you to combine pretty pictures with live data.

Facebook Ads Lead Generation Report for Google Data Studio

So instead of having to export your Facebook Ads data into Excel or Sheets every time you need a report…

…You can simply hit refresh on your Data Studio Dashboard and your report will be up to date.

Second, you can create templates that you can duplicate and plugin to your marketing platforms in minutes.

Over the past years, I’ve created dozens of these templates both for my own business and my Data Driven members.

Data Studio reporting templates

Creating these templates not only saves me countless hours in the long run…

…it also allows me to share my reporting solution with 1000s of other marketers.

And out of all the Data Studio templates I've built, the Facebook Ads Lead Gen. Report is one of my favorites.

Show Don’t Tell

As a data geek, I love digging into the numbers and uncovering useful nuggets of information.

Yet, as a business owner, I just want to be able to see my key metrics, right away.

And that’s why I like this report so much.

It uses scorecards to provide a high-level overview of your macro numbers – total leads, total ad spend, and cost-per-lead.

Facebook Ads Lead Generation Report For Google Data Studio

At the same time, this dashboard also highlights your campaign level data.

Facebook Ads Lead Generation Report For Google Data Studio

Also, it pulls in your ad level data, along with images of your ad creative. This cool little feature allows everyone in your organization to see which ads are driving your results. Facebook Ads Lead Generation Report For Google Data Studio

Plug-and-play Data Connectors

This report is designed to hook up to two data sources.

Supermetrics and Google Analytics.

Now, you might be thinking “What's the deal here Jeff? I thought this report was for on Facebook Ads?”

Well here's the thing. Facebook and Google don't like to play nice together.

So there's not a direct connection available between Data Studio and Facebook.

Instead, you have to use a third-party data connector to send your Facebook numbers into Data Studio.

Supermetrics is one of those third-party connectors. And in my opinion, it provides the simplest solution for connecting Data Studio with Facebook.

Supermetric for Facebook Ads

Supermetrics is a premium product. So you have to pay to use thier connectors. But, if you delivering reports to clients…

…shaving hours of your reporting time for few bucks a month is money well spent. (If you’re a Data a Driven member, you can take advantage of a deep discount on Supermetric license)

I've also added a Google Analytics connection to this report.

Google Analytics Data Source

Backing up your Facebook Ads lead gen numbers using your Google Analytics data is a good way to ensure your report is accurate.

You shouldn't expect a one-to-one match between Facebook and Google Analytics.

But if these numbers are fairly close, you can be confident in your data.

Using the Facebook Ad Lead Generation Template

To use my Facebook Lead Generation Reporting Template, all you have to do is:

  1. Copy it to your Google Data Studio account
  2. Plug it into your Data Sources (Google Analytics + Supermetrics)
  3. And enter your campaign names in the report filters

This template also comes with a video walkthrough that shows you step-by-step how to connect the dashboard to your data sources.

Facebook Ads lead generation reporting made simple

If your advertising manager this report will save hours of time. And more importantly, it will make the value your work crystal clear to your clients or stakeholders.

If your business owner, this report will simplify tracking your lead generation campaigns. And If you have an agency managing your ads, you can even use this report to keep tabs on their progress.

You can learn more about how to grab a copy of this reporting template here.

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