Live Google Training in Minneapolis at DemandQuest

Learn Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager in Jeff's backyard!*

*Well, it's not literally his backyard, but it is in his hometown.

Become an Analytics Expert! – In this highly informative 4 half-day course series, Comprehensive Google Analytics teaches you the correct way to set up Analytics, create reports and analyze website data. Whether you are new to Google Analytics or are already managing multiple Analytics campaigns, we can teach you the best ways to use the full potential and power of Google Analytics. Improve your ROI, your customer acquisition, customer retention and your overall web performance.

  • Account Set-Up & Management: Learn how to properly set up accounts, new profiles, install tracking codes and more.
  • Data Cleansing: Filters & Goals: Engagement principles, campaign tagging, landing pages, bounce rates, conversion and e-commerce tracking, API integration and more.
  • Dig Deeper into your Executive Account Structure: Learn best practices for account setting, user management & account structure. Adjust your account to easily gather the most relevant data.
  • E-Commerce Tracking: Learn how Google Analytics works and best practices for tracking, reporting and analyzing your AdWords, AdSense and e-commerce data.
  • Adjust and improve your ROI – determine strengths and weaknesses of ad copy, keywords, landing pages, and more.
  • Learn advanced tracking and how to monitor client conversions with simple, straightforward reporting.
  • Prepare for the Google Analytics Certification Test (materials & sample questions included)
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