Why a Content Marketing Brief is an Important Part of Your Content Strategy

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For every piece of content you create as part of your marketing strategy, you should have a set of instructions for your content writer to follow. This way, you can ensure that each piece of content is focused on your strategic marketing goals. A content marketing brief is a way of formalizing and standardizing these guidelines. When you are hiring new content writers, it will ensure that they are following your voice and tone, understand your audience and are aware of any specific keywords you want them to use. This is important to enable you to scale and grow your team while ensuring the content remains consistent and of a high quality.

Here at Data Driven, we want to help you automate as many processes as possible so that you can grow and succeed. That’s why we have created this Content Marketing Brief Template for you to use.

Customizing the Template

Take the Content Marketing Brief Template and make a copy.

  • Change the colors to match your own brand; just go to Page Setup and select a different one from the Page color palette.

  • Use text formatting tools to change the font or text color.
  • Delete the Data Driven logo and replace it with your own.

In the template, you have the instructions – or guidelines – on how to write the content, and a sample post.

Customizing the Instructions

  • For the Overview, Audience, Goal and Style, you’ll want to customize these for each new brief you create.
  • The basic format will usually stay the same and the guidelines we have created include standard SEO practices which should work for you as well.
  • Make sure to add your own commonly asked questions based on Google search results.

Customizing the Trial Article

There is a Trial Article template included in the brief that you can use for new writers.

  • For your keywords, if you’re not sure about what to add, stay tuned for an upcoming lesson on keyword research.
  • In Questions to answer, you are indicating what questions you would like your writer to address in the article. You can find commonly asked questions about the subject by entering the main blog title into Google and seeing what alternatives it comes up with.

  • You will often find that many of your keywords will feature in the Questions to answer.
  • You can use the headline generator to create your headline or give you some good ideas.
  • When you have some ideas, you can feed them into the Headline Analyzer which will give each one a score to help you decide which one works best.

  • In the Example articles, include links to some of your other content which you would like your writer to approximate in terms of structure, style, etc.

Using the Content Marketing Brief alongside the Content Marketing Power Planner is the perfect way to organize your content strategy.

Find out more and download the template by signing up for Data Driven Insiders.

By dedicating a little time to creating your briefs and sourcing some good content writers, you can have a robust content marketing strategy that will soon start getting you noticed.

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