How To Be Successful In A Competitive Niche


Being successful in a super saturated niche. This question comes in from Evan, and Evan asks, Can you still be successful and make money in a print on demand niche that is super saturated already, such as the dog niche or the cat niche? If you have great designs, is that all that matters? Thank you for answering my question. OK. So I don't really know much about print on demand, but I do know a few things about what I've been seeing for ads lately. And just a few. I have some thoughts for you.

So I'm sitting at home under quarantine like everybody else. I have a six month old son and Mother's Day is about a week away as I record this or two weeks away, whatever that number is. And all I'm seeing is ads right now for pictures of my son on a Mother's Day treat for my wife. Printed on demand and having all kinds of different cool stuff. There's stuff that I didn't even know is possible, like print on demand books. They have print on demand mugs. They have all kinds of really cool stuff like 3-D pictures of my of the baby. I'm like a glass thing. This is awesome. Like, I want all them and I can see where that's really cool now. I don't know what any of these brands are. It seems saturated.

The fact that I'm somehow in that market right now, I don't know who is what or care who I order from as long as I have reviews in there, as long as they have value. And so in that case, you know, you're doing the same thing for dog owners and cat owners. If you can show them examples of what it would be like to have a 3D thing that their cat or or a t shirt that has a picture of their cat on, it's something cool that's novel and unique.

Then I could see where I'll introduce it, the right person, the right times.

It's really just about advertising and getting in, just being really locked in with your Facebook advertising. Most likely you're your social advertising. And so to me, that's really not something that matters if there's thirty one competitors or 32. It's the fact that there's usually it's the design, it's the insatiable desire for somebody to buy something for this occasion. And so, you know, from a consumer perspective, sitting at home when people are, you know, spending more time at home than ever do I want to have eight things as a tribute to my cat or 9? Nobody really cares the difference between 8 9 if they see something that's great. Now let's go for it.

So I don't really think you should be focused on how oversaturated this is. I mean, maybe the clicks are more expensive or it's harder to earn a return on investment of this type of advertising. But then that gets into I mean, what are you willing to you know, if you get them on your email list and you break even on the initial purchase? Can you sell them three more things because you have great designs.

So it sounds like you have, in your opinion, a great product. I haven't seen it yet, but I think it's a great product. Trump's the number of times I'm going to buy something because you know what? People buy that ninth of that 10th, one of the same thing or something similar. If they see something that's new and novel, that makes sense. And so that's what you're doing and that's it. You're building. I don't see why you should really be worried about the competition. You should be worried about. You're not worried about. You should be looking. This is an opportunity. 

Well, click costs are cheap and people are at home to go out there and go all in on this project you have. And so if you have the means and you have the designs and you have something that's new and novel and interesting to them, I just don't see that ever really bottoming out. I'd see that being even better in the current situation. So hopefully that helps. And yes, I mean, what are your designs look like? I'd love to see something. And if you have something for my six month old kid, I'd love to see that, too. Thank you.

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