Facebook Ads Vs Google Ads: Which Paid Advertising Platform Should You Use?


Should I start with Google ads or Facebook ads? This question comes in from Jeremy and he says, I'm planning to start investing in paid traffic, which should I start with first Google ads or Facebook ads due to time and budget limitation? I can only choose one.

My niche is selling journal motivation worksheets and workbook materials to kids between 5 to 12 years old, where their parents are the buyer who makes the purchase and they spend time doing it together with their kids. So in a nutshell, I'm marketing to the parents to purchase the materials for them to do it together with their kids. Thanks for spending the time to answer my question via video. OK, Jeremy.

So if you only can do one. My first question is always why? What can you only do one? Why is is the budget limited? Because you're not sure that it's in a work you're you're planning on that it's not going to work or you know that if you only concentrate your efforts on one thing, you're going to get a better result. Now, the second part there is the reason why I hope that you do that. And that is basically that, hey, you know, I want to do one well and then I'll consider the other one later. And that is usually how I recommend approaching this stuff anyway, because you never know if it's gonna work or not. So you want to put your best foot forward.

Now, in this case, Google ads and Facebook ads are very different from each other. Google ads is somebody who's raising their hand and they say, hey, you know what, I have a question or I have a need right now. I need to work on some math problems or some problems with my child. And I'm ready to do it now. And I just want to find out the best offering that's out there, the best product, the best price point, the best reviewed, whatever that ends up being.

So Google is saying is basically the demand is there and the parent is just looking for that demand in place and they're looking to capture it. And I'm guessing there is some demand there, especially everybody working from home at the moment and being with their kids a lot more. They're probably looking to supplement the learning with some extra items out there. So they may be searching for these items and you can capture it there. Now, the reason why Google might be difficult, though, is because there's an incumbent. Usually there's a bunch of the people who are bidding on these things if it is a profitable niche.

There's people who are bidding up the costs that are just super expensive and way more than you can probably afford to pay to make that one sale profitable. And that's because either they have a mature account where their click costs are lower because they've been doing it long enough and they have good quality scores or because they incorporate lifetime value or have a budget that's not accountable and they're driving up the prices. And so the prices are high.

There's almost no way to overcome that. If you're only going to choose one channel and you're only going to focus on one thing, that's really not where I'd start, because I think you're going to end up having some a difficult first month, like a very difficult first month. And then you're going to give up on Google ads and say it doesn't work. And that's just my experience, is that if you that's not something to get immediate results, a mature platform like Google ads where there's 15 years of experience and bids and it's an auction system, that's it's just not going to be what you want. And in fact, there's probably companies pumping even more money than ever into educational materials because the kids are home with their parents. And so this is getting to be a really competitive area and click costs are going to be as expensive or more. I'm speculating than they would otherwise.

Now, across the board elsewhere, Google click costs have gone down, but probably not in this area, which is one of the few thriving industries right now. Learn at home with your child. I can only assume that it's doing better than it did months ago. And I and everything I've seen is that that is doing much better. The online learning for, you know, discrete things like this is doing much better or an online solution that can get delivered to somebody. You know, you buy it online, it gets delivered out there with the distribution channel. So Google ads to me seems like it would be not the best way to go. Now, Facebook ads, it's a interrupt marketing.

So you're interrupting somebody going about their day and you're interrupting them because they're an adult, their parents with. And you can see how many children they have in Facebook. So you're interrupting parents with children and then showing them an example, either a static image or a video of what it's like to learn what their child and what it's like to be in that situation. And you're showing them you're putting the product into their hands and you're saying, hey, stop what you're doing right now and check this out. This is a product that would help you do better with your child during this time when you're home with them. And I actually think that would probably work pretty well, even better than a text ad for for capturing the now buyers right now, because you're solving a problem. People don't mess.

They know they have and they may not even know that you're out there. And that's really hard to pin down what they would be searching for anyway on Google. And so I actually think that Facebook ads be a much better platform for this because of the reasons that I am giving. You know, basically you can target the right demographics. You can target the right people. How many kids they have or that they have kids. You can even but I'm not sure about the kids ages, but you can sort of infer the kids ages based on their age. And so you can go through it and you can sort of speculate that they have this problem and then you can interrupt them with an ad that demonstrates how you're solving the problem for them. And I think it's nice is that Facebook has a bigger inventory now than ever because a lot more people are online and the click costs have gone down because people have pulled their budget.

Now it's different than Google search. Google search. The budget is sort of tied to the query. So people are still bidding on the same keyword than the budget, even though people have trimmed their budgets significantly in advertising. They haven't for that query and so that the auction doesn't go down at all. But in Facebook ads, it's sort of you know, it's more audience based. And so you might be paying a premium for that audience. But if you're looking at parents with kids, that's a pretty broad audience and they have a lot more. Mantri now than they ever had because they're on Facebook more often or they're, you know, you need an escape from the day they're not at the office.

And so there's a lot better opportunity that you're going to reach them now. And so you're reaching people. I'm guessing less expensive than before because there's more inventory and many advertisers have pulled out and you have the perfect product that can be interrupted and make them stop what they're doing and sign up. And and obviously with Facebook ads, much if you're taking my course or not. But with Facebook ads, there's a great opportunity to retarget to people who expressed initial interest in what you're doing and just keep on peppering them until they buy. And I've noticed this a lot.

Every time I check Facebook, it's the same ads over and over again. And I'm eventually going to buy it. And they know that they keep on advertising to me and that's part of their cost of sale. And so I think there's a much better opportunity with Facebook ads based on what I can see from what you're doing. And that's where I would put my efforts as of right now. And hopefully that helps. And I look forward to hearing about your successes.

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