Facebook Ads Targeting In 2020: How To Master FB Ads Targeting


This question comes in from Joy and Joy says, How do you manage those nuisance Facebook users, those who fake their ages and employment? Like they say, they work at the crusty crab, nice sponge SpongeBob reference and exclude them in the targeting that I have. How can I master targeting? I think that's my main issue. I'm currently working with financial advisors, insurance agents. And what is the best way to attract leads?

OK. So good question. So from a Facebook ad perspective, I always recommend going with highest impact audiences first and working your way backwards. And so in Facebook ads M. We talk about the playing field and we have our A through F. Audiences are A3 audiences. A is completely unaware. B is product aware. C is solution aware. So choose me. Aim. So in Facebook ads master. Cut that. Try to blend this together.

So in Facebook ads mastery, we talk about our audience field where we go all the way from A to F, which is the playing field and then E is the final audience before you get to your customers. A is unaware. B is problem aware. C is solution aware. D is product to where. And he is fully aware of what you have and then F as a customer. And so I always recommend with remarketing to people from the F. Backwards. So go to a last and see. A lot of times people who don't do very well, Facebook ads, they sort of trust in the system to go out there and find cold audiences for them.

And you don't have to do that, frankly, with Facebook ads. You can do your F audience, which is your existing customers, up selling them on something which may not be a perfect application for you. But then there's e the people who are most aware, those people who are on your email list or people who are on your Facebook, they like your Facebook page, so on and so forth.

Now it sounds like when you're talking about people who are following you who are not real, they are liking your Facebook page, potentially they're coming from a click farm or they're just not real people. You can exclude countries if you want to. If if you're finding that you're only selling your product in one country, then I would definitely block out countries where you can't or you're not license to sell your product or you don't sell. So you can definitely limit the countries that see things, even if you're looking at your own audience or people who who like your page or on your email list. That's definitely a best practice.

You know, don't show ads in places where you can't even sell or you can even do business. And so work your way backwards there. The D audience, we're talking about people who are product aware, those who have gone to your site and looked at product pages and clicked around, you can remarket to them. And then from there, really the next best thing to do from, you know, is maybe just you could either do generic remarketing or you're testing anybody went to our site that might be more in the problem or solution of where phase the B and E, R, B and C audiences. And then what you want to do is you want to do lookalikes of people who have purchased from you.

So that's a really strong audience as well, probably as strong as a B.S. audience and act more like a D audience, which is the product of where people. And so you do as you do a lookalike, you have Facebook, you upload your list or you send them your list of people who have purchased from you. It's better if you give lifetime value of their lifetime value and into the program because they can find higher value people. And then Facebook will go out there and find people like that. And so that's really a strong audience that I found is the next one. And then finally, the audience, which is unaware people using things like topic targeting.

That's the last frontier that's using to be the least profitable thing you do. And more of an investment in trying to get some people in the door and then having to convince them to become customers in some way, shape or form. And so that's usually the last one that I target or focus on because it has the worst results. And so you want to go with basically the order that I talked about things and you can get some momentum in your program and at the end, you can go ahead and try. Anybody out there.

But even then, if you do the audience, you definitely want to filter it based on what you know about your customers. And so they're not in certain countries block those countries. And that should be, you know, across all your targeting. That should be the case that you do. That is only work with countries you're allowed to work in or that you have the ability to work and you can service the customers. And so I think that it sounds like to me from the question, a lot of the problem of targeting is that it's too broad and it's not specific enough and it's not following your best chance of succeeding by going in the order that I mentioned.

And so I would start from the best people and then work backwards as opposed to trying to, you know, going fishing in the water of the unaware and trying to boil the ocean and trying to get to everybody in the world and hoping that you find somebody who wants insurance. That's just going to be really rough on you. And it's not going to work out very well. And so hopefully that helps. I think I'm not sure I can see what your history is, but if you're a member of Facebook ads mastery, it definitely would be a time to revisit the A section and see what I talk about there. And I appreciate this very specific question.

And hopefully it did help you get over the hump with Facebook ads targeting, because trust me, once you go away from the broad generic stuff and you go to the specific stuff, you will get better results. I guarantee it. That's just how it works with Facebook ads. The more signal you give them, the more you say this is a good customer. This to good, let's two people find people like them. That's where they shine, OK? Hope that helps. And I'll talk to you soon.

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