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Done-With-You Workshop Covering How to Visualize Your Universal Analytics Backup in Looker Studio

Backup Your Universal Analytics Data Permanently With Reporting Dashboard Access That Mimics the Classic Google Analytics Interface

The best part? You don’t have to figure it out all by yourself. We’ll walk you through the whole process from start to finish. And you’ll never worry about losing your Universal Analytics data again!

Back up your historical Universal Analytics data, so you can access the numbers you need to make decisions (we’ll support you through the entire process!)
Quickly access your data in a report that mimics Universal Analytics, so you don’t have to rebuild your go-to UA reports all over again
Gain the peace of mind that your UA data is safe and sound in your own storage, so you don’t worry about your data being deleted after the July 1, 2024 deadline
Optional add-on: Learn how to put all of your marketing data into BigQuery by purchasing access to our Breezy BigQuery Blueprint program

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The first session will be held on March 5, 2024 at 1 PM ET

Have you ever had a hard drive fail and lost all the projects you had been working on for the past few years? 😭😭😭

It only needs to happen once for you to feel that regret that compels you to become more conscious of backing up your data, right?

Well, a major loss will be coming to your organization’s marketing history if you’re not careful. And if you’ve been ignoring this big red warning from Google, you’re going to be feeling that pain soon.

If you have vowed to never lose your digital data again, but haven’t backed up your Universal Analytics data yet, you are about to enter a world of regret when your access goes away…

And unlike backing up your files to the cloud or external hard drive using one of the hundreds of solutions available, backing up your Universal Analytics data has been a hot mess over the past few years… until now.

Before today, if you wanted to back up your Universal Analytics data, you had a catch-22 on your hands: Either you spend a lot of time learning yourself or pay a bunch of money to an agency.

I’m guessing you evaluated solutions available, looking for a magically fast, cheap, and good solution, only to find it didn’t exist.

That’s the reason why you haven’t backed up your Universal Analytics data yet, even though you are painfully aware it will be permanently deleted on July 1, 2024.

It’s because even though there have been software solutions available to help you backup your data, they all force you to address the same challenges: 

They require you to:

Learn new software at an advanced level
Make dozens of arbitrary decisions about what to do with the data 
Endure a steep learning curve to back up your data, with no guarantee you’ll do it right

Steep learning curves, technical jargon you’ll never need to learn again, and no ability to visualize your data outside a spreadsheet.

Plus the most complicated map you can imagine to access your data when the time comes.

And almost every time we’ve seen or heard of someone attempting to “Do It Yourself” (DIY) a solution on their own, they end up spending days ripping their hair out… all in vain. Only to despise the result they generated.

That’s not a solution. That’s an opportunity cost.

Dozens of hours wasted to back up data that you’ve been able to collect and access for free since 2006.

There is a better way…

All you have to do is sign up for our:

“Done-With-You” Universal Analytics Backup Academy Workshop

And you will get the exact support you need to ensure your data backup goes smoothly.

Scheduled on Tuesdays at 1:00 PM Eastern Time starting on March 5, 2024

… and remember, most of you will be able to achieve your backup in just ONE workshop session! (And if you need further support, you can join additional sessions and receive support via Slack)


In our workshop, you will learn how to:

Back up your Universal Analytics data live on the call (without ripping your hair out)

Connect your data to BigQuery or feed into Google Sheets, so you can take ownership of your UA data forever

Create beautiful reports in Looker Studio based on your data, so you can get the quick answers you need about past campaign performance


We will also show you manage your UA data backup:


Choose the data to be included in your backup, using an easy visual indicator of what you are selecting


Add data tables to your backup if you missed anything the first time

Run quality assurance on your backup to ensure data integrity before feeding your BI reports


Lock in costs by only backing up the data you need without paying any overages by collecting too much data


You will have a chance to ask questions and get expert answers on your specific UA backup case:

After guiding you through backing up your data, we will open up the session to give you a chance to ask questions. We will have experts ready to answer your questions live.

So what’s the catch?

There isn’t one.

This is the only ‘middle ground’ solution on the market that is affordable to everyone AND can be completed in as little as 60 minutes.

Simply put, we wanted to give you a solution that is fast, cheap, and good. Other solutions can’t make that same promise.


You could either try to DIY it yourself (for which you’d likely need a computer science degree or you’ll incur massive overage costs)…


… or use an expensive off-the-shelf solution that may cost you thousands of dollars a year (without being able to customize it specifically to your needs).


You’ll also see plenty of agencies offering “Done-For-You” solutions soon, if not already. And if they’re worth their salt, they’ll charge you at least $10,000 for this service.


The only “catch” is that this is the easiest and cleanest way to preserve your historical Universal Google Analytics data because it’s “Done With You”… 

… and better yet, we’re not just backing up your data. We’re also giving you the resources and support you need to visualize your Universal Analytics data using Looker Studio, so you don’t miss a beat in reviewing past performance.

We will give you the support you need to make your backup process as smooth and hassle-free as possible. 

No messing about with complicated file downloads or ugly spreadsheets. We’ll show you EXACTLY how to run backups the right way so you own the data you need and can access it well into the future.

No tough choices or analysis paralysis. We give you the live support and community support you need to make the right decisions quickly.

No getting your data months later and wondering to yourself “What’s next?” You’ll have a Looker Studio dashboard with all your UA data in it!

Once your backup is complete, you will have the following under your control:

Secure Storage of Your Universal Analytics Data in Google Sheets or BigQuery

Your UA backup can be stored in BigQuery for speed and fewer tech limits. Or you can store your backup in Google Sheets for ease of access. You will be able to generate reports with historical traffic, page views, user, and session data from either backup.

Looker Studio Dashboard With Your Historical UA Backup Data

A viewable Looker Studio Dashboard that showcases your data and provides views of your standard reports that mimic the old Universal Analytics interface as closely as possible.

And that’s not all!

When you join our “Done-With-You” Universal Analytics Backup Academy Workshop, we’ll include the following bonuses with your purchase:


Unlimited Slack Help Desk Support FOR 30 Days

Backing up data can be tricky, and both setting up BigQuery and using the Google Analytics API are notoriously finicky.

That’s why we are offering Help Desk Support via a dedicated Slack channel to make sure you get the data you need.

Join a channel dedicated to backup to ask questions, get resources to help you implement, and see the questions others are asking about their backups as well.

$1,500 Value


Recordings of All Backup Academy Support Workshops

We record every call and you can watch any time to go through the solution step by step. So if you need a little extra time to go through the steps more than once, you have access.

We are building out your knowledge base over time, and you will have access to everything we share with backup academy purchasers.

At your convenience, you can watch these backup academy recordings to go over any detail you need to revisit about backing up your analytics data using BigQuery or Sheets, as well as building and customizing visualization reports in Looker Studio.

$497 Value


Access to the Data Driven Slack Community

Getting familiar with your data doesn’t have to be a one-time endeavor. Armed with a backup of your historical marketing data, you can prepare for the future by accessing our private, paying customers-only Data Driven Slack Community.

Our Data Driven Slack Community is where you can learn from and communicate with hundreds of active community members across channels ranging from paid traffic to analytics to how to go into business for yourself.

Since our community only features paying customers, we have a high signal-to-noise ratio and a tight-knit group of data aficionados who share their experiences and the latest techniques. Normally this membership is only for our Insiders members paying $1,999 a year. But you can get access when you purchase our Done-With-You UA Backup solution.

$2,997 Value


GA4 and Universal Analytics Data Blending Training

After you purchase, you’ll not only receive details for joining each backup workshop, but we will also immediately unlock a bonus training inside our portal that shows you how to combine your Universal Analytics backup solution with data coming from the latest version of Google Analytics, GA4.

This supplemental workshop video is presented by Ameet Wadhwani, who shows you how to marry data between the two Google Analytics versions in a useful way, so you can set up continuous reporting between these two systems without having to explain your data gaps.

$499 Value


Plan Before You Build Training

Learn why you always need to plan before you build if you want to become more successful with your marketing. Taught by Julie Brade, this lightning-fast workshop helps you understand how to design, plan, and build your marketing efforts.

Your success comes down to Questions, Information, and Actions that must be incorporated into your plan to get success.

Along with this training workshop, you’ll also receive access to a template that helps you map your customer journey to the actions you need to take, so that you can document your plan!

$499 Value

The first session will be held on March 5, 2024 at 1 PM ET

Are you ready to preserve your marketing data without resorting to expensive solutions that cost you thousands of dollars a year, or going down the DIY route that usually ends in frustration?

Choose between the individual and team options

“Done-With-You” Universal Analytics Backup Training and Support

for Individuals

Regular Price for 1 view*


Today’s Price for 1 view *


One-Time Payment

Live “Done With You” UA Backup Training and Support Workshop
One (1) Included UA View backed up Using BigQuery or Google Sheets with up to 20 Million Rows of Data (covers 95% of GA users)
Looker Studio Dashboard Powered By Your Data
Secure and Full Ownership of your Universal Analytics Data
Bonus #1: Unlimited Help Desk Support for 30 Days ($1,500 Value)
Bonus #2: Recordings of All Backup Academy Support Workshops ($497 Value)
Bonus #3: Data Driven Slack Community ($2,997 Value)
Bonus #4: GA4 and Universal Analytics Data Blending Training ($499 Value)
Bonus #5: Plan Before You Build Training ($499 Value)

Total Value: $6,991

(*) A “view” is a reporting view within a Universal Analytics property. You can back up as many UA views as you like with this solution, but we only cover the first view you back up (first 5 for the team plan). If you want to back up more than one view, additional charges apply.

About The Team


Founder and CEO of Data Driven U

Jeff Sauer has been working in digital marketing and web analytics since 2005, when he became one of the first beta testers of Google Analytics. He's also an award-winning digital advertiser. He's been recognized as one of the top 25 Most Influential People in PPC advertising several times in the past decade.

As a marketer and web analyst, Jeff has helped businesses of all sizes find insights in their marketing data, which they used to achieve and exceed their annual goals.

These days, Jeff is a full-time educator with his online training programs reaching over 50,000 students and helping them master PPC Marketing, Data Analytics, and Agency Business Development.

“My mission is to make learning digital marketing easy and fun for you!”

Ameet Wadhwani

Reports Automation Expert

I'm Ameet Wadhwani, a Report Automation Consultant.

I have spent my career automating data workflows and putting insights into action. In 2023, I hosted a BigQuery course with Jeff and the Data Driven team and I love our continued collaboration.

I have helped hundreds of marketers, analysts, and data engineers develop and automate their Google Analytics and marketing data workflows.

You’ll find me on Slack, LinkedIn, in our videos, on live demos, and on technical support calls where I help agencies and analysts around the world to transition their reporting from UA to GA4.

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