Data Driven Programs

Ready to take your skills, aptitude, and earning potential to the next level? 

Each one of our Data Driven training programs is designed to boost your ability quickly, while also enhancing your knowledge, and empowering your strategic vision.

Select the program you're interested in to learn more!

Google Skill Mastery Courses

Google Analytics 4 Mastery


(MSRP $499)

Google Ads Mastery


(MSRP $499)

Facebook Ads Mastery


(MSRP $999)

Tag Manager Mastery


(MSRP $499)

Looker Studio Mastery


(MSRP $499)

Instructor-Led Training Cohort Programs

CYA Blueprint Cohort


(MSRP $999)

Agency Blueprint Cohort


(MSRP $4,999)


DDU+ Club Memberships

DDU Skills+


(MSRP $199/mo)

DDU Focus+


(MSRP $1,999/mo)

Limited availability

Consulting and Corporate Training Programs

Google Analytics


Google Analytics

Corporate Training

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